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Posted June 23, 2016

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If you have been waiting for a flat out amazing red wine deal for the summer ... your wait is over.
Let's talk Pinot Noir
Let's talk Willamette Valley
Let's talk about a huge 95 Point score
Let's talk about a great deal!!!
Today we offer a Pinot Noir to quench your summer red wine craving.  You know it's going to happen.  Your next party, family gathering or casual night entertaining with friends ... someone is going to say ... got any great Pinot Noir around? 

This phenomenal Willamette Valley selection is perfectly priced for entertaining and midweek meals. And the quality is all there, complete with a 95 point score from a Master Somm.

2013 Spinnaker Pinot Noir

95 Points - Catherine Fallis (MS)
List price - $30
Sale price - $24.99 
Today, pay $19.99 plus free shipping when you buy 12+ and use the code PINOT1999

Finding great Pinot Noir in the $19.99 price range can be tricky.  Especially when we talk about Pinot Noir from Oregon. After several trips to Willamette, we have been able to find a few stars. However, the perfect Pinot at $19.99 price point has always proved elusive.  That's why we were so excited to find this.
A Pinot Noir that everyone will love.
Something you can drink at just about any time.
Something that will pair with a huge variety of foods.
Something that is ... well ... flat out delicious.

That is what we found here.


A Delicious Red to Quench Your Summer Thirst
It's the Pinot Noir that everyone will love

It's hot out. We know. That makes it the perfect time to enjoy light-to-medium bodied reds, silky wines with fresh fruit notes and soft tannins, wines with bright acidity and low alcohol. Pinot Noir is perfect all year-round, and, at this time of year, it shows beautifully with a bit of a chill on it - just what you want on a hot summer evening.

The 2013 Spinnaker Pinot Noir is an easily enjoyable, crowd-pleasing red. Note, crowd-pleaser does not here indicate simple. This wine is anything but simple! It is a bright, energetic wine, frankly gorgeous, with exotic spices accentuating red berries. Strawberries, which we are just starting to see at the market, raspberries, and cherries are highlighted by sweet spice and earthiness: leaves, earth, mushrooms, even dried rose petals and lavender. The flavors are woven together, and the wine flows gracefully. From aromatics, to the tip of one's tongue to a full midpalate and a long, long finish, this wine is seamless.
The finish goes on forever. (I can still taste it, actually.)

95 Points and Only $19.99 per bottle by the case
On top of that - the shipping is free too!!

We know you love Pinot as much as we do, so we look hard for value - and we find it. Even from Oregon.

Not only is this Pinot Noir from Oregon's renowned Willamette Valley, it earned 95 points from Catherine Fallis (MS). She describes the 2013 Spinnaker as "Softly perfumed, silky and fresh with notes of raspberry, strawberry, cherry, red rose, dried herbs, lavender, cinnamon, cardamom and sandalwood." Keep in mind, there have only been 230 people worldwide to earn the Master Sommelier title since the first exam in 1969.

These are the kind of case deals that we know thrill so many of you.  There is just so much going on in this wine, far more than what you expect from a $19.99 bottle ... especially a Pinot Noir!  We only received one allocation of this wine, so once it is gone today ... it's gone!
Willamette Valley: Pinot Noir's New World Home
It's flat out Pinot Noir Paradise

Fifty-one years ago, Pinot Noir was first planted in Willamette Valley. Judging from the success of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, this has been a fruitful experiment (pun intended).

The Willamette Valley is located in Northwest Oregon and follows the Willamette River north to south, from Portland at the top, through Salem, and on to Corvallis. This river valley is west of the mountains.The region's maritime climate is perfect for hazelnuts and wine grapes. The ocean moderates the climate, preventing late spring and early autumn frosts, so the growing season is long. The nights stay cool, even if the days warm up during the summer. The
"gentle" growing season ushers Pinot Noir grapes to gradual maturity. There is no rush, no urge to accumulate high sugars or tannins. Rather, long sunlight hours encourage the development of color and flavors. Cool nights preserve acidity. After a long season, the grapes are harvested, and the resulting wines remain fresh and vibrant.
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