We're lowering our prices ... even more. Huge Sale inside

Posted May 08, 2015

Wine Library


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The Repricing of Wine Library Sale starts now.

(Please read below as this is unlike any sale we have done in the past)

For those of you who think our pricing is already terrific ... wait until you see what is in store over the next few weeks.  We are working to bring you the lowest possible wine prices anywhere (yes, in many cases, even lower than we have now) and as a result, are making room for a huge new selection of product that will be arriving in the coming weeks ... all at rock bottom prices. 
Before we can bring those in though ... we have to make room.  Time for a big sale!
A few things to know about this sale:
  1. Over 90% of these items will not be coming back in stock here at Wine Library
  2. The majority of the sale is available in very small quantities, a case, two cases, etc.
  3. Since most of the wine on the sale will be unavailable after we sell out, we will make every effort to ship each order as is, and as quickly as possible.  Meaning, if we are out of something you order, we will ship everything we have in an attempt to speed up delivery! 
  4. If you are planning on coming to the store to shop, look for the bright red sale tags.