Two Wines to Pair with Your Peanut Butter Cups

Posted October 03, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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The simple rule of thumb when pairing a wine with dessert: always make sure the wine is sweeter than the dessert itself. But what happens when you throw peanut butter into the mix, throwing off the smooth, sweet flavor with toasted nuttiness?

Let’s start with something obvious—a dessert wine. The Prisoner is an Italian-inspired, Napa-grown “mixed black” dessert wine utilizing a variety of reds including both Grenache and Zinfandel. It’s sugar content and raspberry flavor will pair well with the chocolate component of the peanut butter cup. It’s a fine pairing, but only a just fine because we’re focusing on the chocolate.

But if we want to focus more so on the peanut butter, look at a German Riesling. Now I know that globally, the trend has been to move toward bone dry Rieslings, but we’re pairing wine with candy here, people. Look for a spatlese (or late-harvest) with a touch of residual sugar like the 2008 Schloss Schonborn Erbacher Marcobrunn Riesling Spatlese (say that five times fast!). The juicy tropical fruit notes combine with the PB to create a dessert pairing that will make your tongue say danke.


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Orin Swift The Prisoner

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