Three Wines to Help You Cope With Letterman Going Off the Air

Posted May 20, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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After three decades of laughs, Late-Night legend David Letterman is stepping down from his post. We’re understandably inconsolable and that got us to thinking about what we’d pour a glass of in lieu of some of our favorites bits…

Top 10

2010 Brunello

Honestly, the most impressive 10 we can think of right now is 2010 Brunello. It’s being hailed as the single most important modern vintage of Brunello, so it sounds like a pretty good fit for the single most important modern comedian. A perfect example would be the Ciacci Piccolomini.


Will it Float?


Not to be confused with the original English series Is it Buoyant?, the classic Will it Float was perfect for the curious-minded among us. Ever wondered if a cheese log would float? Thank god Dave was there to give us an answer. Now, even though wine is primarily water - and also a liquid - and therefore not really capable of floating per se, some wines are without a doubt heavier than others. Example? The 2010 Bello Marsanne. This is a wine that would sink. 100% sure. We would totally win that cheese log…


Aggressive Celebrity Interviews

Gruner Veltliner

One thing’s for sure, Dave never held back on his interviews. He was straightforward to the point of being… more than a little awkward on occasion. When we think about aggressive wine, one always comes to mind: GRUNER. We love it, we really do, but it’s got razor sharp acid that isn’t afraid to ask you about that one time you were in jail. Maÿr makes a Gruner that absolutely fits the description.


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Ciacci Piccolomini Brunello Di Montalcino

94 James Suckling - Jamessuck...

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Bello Family Marsanne

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