Three Wines That Will Make You Feel Like You're at The Kentucky Derby

Posted May 01, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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Mint Juleps, bolo ties, seersucker, big hats. The trappings of The Kentucky Derby are unmistakable. But for those of us who are destined to remain north of the Mason-Dixon this weekend and can't witness the madness firsthand, we've come up with a few great bottles of wine that will put you in the right spirit to at least watch the race on tv.

All About the Horses

2012 Pocas Junior Vale De Cavalos

First up, you can’t go wrong with a wine from a place that translates as “Valley of the Horses”. But a cute title isn’t everything. This is an absolutely magnificent red wine to enjoy out in the sun. Strong black fruit, great acid, and a shocking amount of texture and structure make this a great wine to stock up on now and enjoy over the rest of the summer. But for now, we’ll sip on it and pretend we’re wearing oversized hats.


A Garland of Rosés

2014 Josep Foraster Trepat Rose

No single item symbolizes the Derby quite like the garland of roses. Presented to the winner for over a century, the rose is the official flower of The Kentucky Derby… much in the same way that the rosé has come to be the official wine of summertime here at Wine Library. That said, making a garland out of bottles of Josep Foraster would be complicated, heavy, and your horse probably wouldn’t want to wear it, so maybe best to just to keep the bottles in the fridge. Thankfully this wine has far more complex minerality and berry notes than a regular rose… also less pointy.


A Familiar Name

2002 Pol Roger Brut Winston Churchill

The famous racetrack with its twin spires and flawless grounds was named for John and Henry Churchill who owned the land on which the track was built. The famous wine with its nutty, briney, dried fruit notes and flawless acidity was named for Sir Winston Churchill… the guy who helped win World War II. We can only assume that somewhere there is a Churchill family reunion where someone is smoking a cigar and drinking a mint julep.



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Pocas Junior Vale De Cavalos

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Josep Foraster Trepat Rose

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