Three Wines for Memorial Day

Posted May 13, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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Here in the USA, Memorial day is the first official warm weather holiday. We say “official” because “hooray the snow finally melted, let’s drink vinho verde on the roof!” never really falls on the same day, even though it definitely happens every year.

Here are some wines to enjoy based on the way you plan to celebrate Memorial Day:

A Trip to the Capitol

2011 Baer Winery Arctos Stillwater Creek Vineyard

If you’re planning a trip to Washington DC this memorial day, you’ve absolutely got to be drinking something patriotic. The 2011 Baer Arctos is technically from a different Washington, but it still represents that best aspects of America: Hard work, resourcefulness, and Cabernet Sauvignon. This is our favorite Cab’ blend of the year, and we’re sure it will be yours too.

Backyard BBQ

2010 Bello Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Is there anything more authentically American than a Memorial Day barbecue? Short of playing baseball on the surface of a gigantic apple pie, we submit that there is not. Keep that patriotism going with a bottle of the 2010 Bello Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is the result of two American legends: Winemaker Aaron Pott, and vineyard manager David Abreu. No matter what you throw on the grill, the Bello is sure to improve it.

Beach Trip!

2010 Bello Family Marsanne

If you’re ready to brave the ocean water at this time of year, we salute you! And if you feel like you’re seeing double because there is another Bello on the list, we say “yep, and it’s a damn good thing, too!”. Marsanne is a severely under-appreciated grape, and any Chardonnay lovers out there would do tell to try it. It’s luscious and round like a Chard, with a pleasing weight on the palate, but a ton of complexity, ripe pear, and almond notes. This is a heavy hitting white that is just begging to be poured into a plastic cup and consumed on a beach!



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