Three Malbecs From Where They Make It Best: Argentina

Posted June 15, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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Believe it or not, Malbec was actually kind of unfashionable when it was first brought over to Argentina. In fact there was a point where some south american vignerons got it into their heads to replace their Malbec plantings with Cabernet Sauvignon, a far more popular grape at the time.

Thankfully, cooler minds prevailed and Argentine winemakers came to realize how brilliantly this Bordelaise import had adapted to its new southern home. Ever since then, Malbec has been the flagship grape of Argentina, and Argentina has been the spiritual home of Malbec. As for us? We just love drinking the stuff.

2011 Bodegas Tukma Malbec Reserva

If you’re having any kind of social gathering this summer. Hell, if you plan on being social. If you have friends. If you plan on drinking wine with any other people this summer, you need to take a look into this wine. Why? Well it might just be on sale today. Yep. Today only, you can get this Malbec for the price of $11.78/btl AND free shipping when you buy a case and use code TMR.

2013 Casta Salvajes Famas Malbec

91 Points from Wine Advocate is a good start, but that number barely scratches the surface of this wine. The Famas skews toward the lighter side of the Malbec scale, but not at the expense of any flavor. The red fruit is juicy and fresh, but it’s everything around it that really screams quality. The acid is lively and fresh, the tannins are firm, but not grippy, and the finish is clean, balanced, and leaves you wanting more. This is a really, really well made bottle of Malbec.

2011 Quattrocchi Malbec

Remember that Malbec scale, and how we said the Famas was on the lighter side? The Quattrocchi is on the other side. This is a huge wine. Where the others are pomegranate and blood orange, this is cherries and dried fruit over sweet tannins. A chunky wine that is great with food or on its own.

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Casta Salvajes Famas Malbec

91 Luis Gutierrez - Robert Pa...

Item: 85894

750 mL

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