Three Alternatives to Your White Wine of Choice

Posted May 14, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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We all have our go-to wines. The things we understand, have experience with, and know won’t be an unnecessary risk on a Thursday night.


It’s time for you to get a little weird. Try some grapes you’ve never tried. Get out there and live life! After all, if the wine is even on our site in the first place, it’s because one of our expert buyers thought it was delicious, so we’re immediately cutting down your risk substantially.

Always drink Pinot Grigio?

Try: 2013 Dante Robino Torrontes

If Pinot Grigio is the white wine that you reach for when you need a refreshing, pool-side libation, we have the perfect solution for you. Torrontes, the most widely-planted white grape in Argentina, will give you all the white fruit and flowers you’ve come to expect from PG. On top of that, Torrontes offers a spicy characteristic that hints at its relation to Muscat family of grapes.

Normally go for Riesling?

Grab the 2012 Mayr Gruner Veltliner

Linear, razor-sharp acidity? Check. Notes of Lime and stone fruit? Check. White pepper? Check. Gruner will show you a lot of the things you love about Riesling, but it does it in a compact punch to the palate. The bonus here, is that Gruner is regularly sold in 1L bottles (like this one), so it makes for a great excuse to invite some friends over.

All About that Chardonnay?

Give 2013 Peter Lehmann Layers White a go

Chardonnay tends to have a certain weight or “roundness” on the palate. Add some oak into the process, and you end up with a fairly complex white that brings a lot of different variables to the party. In the Layers White Blend, four different grapes combine to create a wine with weight, structure, ripe fruit, and lovely floral aromatics. It’s the total package, and it’s huge value. Go get em.


Item: 78333


Retail: $16.98

$11.99 per btl

Item: 87135

750 mL

Retail: $14.99

$10.99 per btl

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Peter Lehmann Layers White

91 Cellar Tracker

Item: 88368

750 mL

Retail: $16.99

$9.90 per btl