Three All-American Wines for Memorial Day and Beyond

Posted May 19, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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We’re about to hit a very patriotic stretch of the summer. Between Memorial day, Independance day, and the ramp up to next year’s election, you really ought to just spend the next couple of months wearing red white and blue just in case you find yourself in an unexpected parade or bald eagle meetup.

But what, you ask yourself, kind of wine does one bring to a freedom enthusiast jamboree? What goes best with grandma’s apple pie and listening to Bruce Springsteen on loop?

American wine, obviously. Let's get into it.

2011 Lenne Estate Pinot Noir

When people wax romantic about the nuances of Oregon Pinot Noir, they’re talking about wines like this. Seriously, this is the iconic interpretation of Willamette Valley Pinot. Sour cherries, raspberries, spices, and leaves all come together as the result of impeccable winemaking. What’s even better is that this wine is considerably less expensive than it’s famous neighbors Willakenzie and Beaux Freres.

2010 Bello Family Marsanne

In America we do everything bigger and better, and this wine is no exception. It’s huge. It’s an utterly gigantic, weighty, palate-enveloping white that leaves a lasting impression. Think round, lush notes of tropical fruit, marzipan, and honeysuckle. Think hot nights in Miami. Think big. Like an American.

2011 Baer Winery Arctos Stillwater Creek Vineyard

Baer’s late founder, Lance Baer once said, “Start with careful research, trust your instincts and stay authentic.” That is at the heart of this working man’s winery: hard work and good instincts. Baer stands out in the Washington wine landscape not only for their spectacular wine (this Cab-based blend exudes mocha, black fruit and a refined herbaceousness), but for their incredible humility and lack of pretense. They set out to make great, affordable wine, and that is exactly what they did. Can’t think of anything more American than that. 


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Bello Family Marsanne

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