The Wine that Makes Pop Rocks POP!

Posted October 27, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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Pop rocks make us giggle. Wine makes us giggle, too. Match made in heaven?

Obviously… at least as far as wine-and-candy-pairings go.

If you’re craving a bright, explosive giggle-fest in your mouth, rip open a bag of Pop Rocks and pair it with a light, complex, and bubbly Sauvignon Blanc. My personal favorite for pairing? The 2013 Bodkin Sauvignon Blanc Victor’s Spoils.

With such a sugary, poppin’ candy, it only makes sense to heighten the fun as much as possible. This clean, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc adds citrusy complexity to the sweet lightness (errr, let’s be real, rather sugary flavorlessness) of Pop Rocks. In between the giggle-inducing, carbon-popping firework sips you’ll be taking if you dare to try this combo, you’ll notice how perfectly balanced the fruity, peppery components of this wine dance across your taste buds.

With notes of grapefruit, lime, tangerine and nectarine, this lively Sauvignon Blanc leaves a lingering feeling that you’ve been sipping on summertime (which should make you suitably nostalgic at this point). The wine’s light straw-yellow color also serves as a clean, natural, and complementary contrast to strawberry Pop Rocks classic red-dye #47 artificial coloring…

Plus - side note - have you seen the bottle’s labeling? With the crusader-style design, you’re pretty much guaranteed to feel like the king of candy and wine pairings. So go forth and conquer (well, at least go forth and giggle), and cheers to your tongue’s bravery.


Item: 82980

750 mL

Retail: $21.99

$12.60 per btl