The Red Blend (Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon) we can't wait for all of you to try

Posted September 20, 2015

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These were the notes that caught the world by storm a few years ago.

"Extremely pure and rich, this bargain-priced Malbec should drink well for 6-10+ years. If this were a Napa Valley or Bordeaux red, it would undoubtedly be priced between $150.00-200.00." - Robert Parker.
Those were Robert Parker's tasting notes on the 2012 Chakana Red Blend.  As you can well imagine, with notes like that, the 2012 vintage sold out in record time.  Fans of this estate were no doubt surprised, as these wines have been very popular for years now ... with each vintage flying off the shelf. 

We had an opportunity to taste the 2013 vintage of this wine again recently ... and were blown away.  On Thursday, September 24th, we will offer out the 2013 vintage, along with a special price by the case that includes free shipping!  While Robert Parker himself has not tasted the 2013 vintage as of yet, others have, including Tim Atkin and Luis Gutierrez who writes for Parker's publication the Wine Advocate.  Both critics issued high praise and scores of 90+ once again!

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