The Perfect Wine to Drink When Your Air Conditioning Breaks

Posted June 12, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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You know it. You know it well. It’s the dead of summer, when the air is as stagnant as your love life (don’t feel bad, it’s too hot for hand-holding anyway). And as your luck has it, the A/C has broken and the repairman is booked solid for at least four days. The answer is yes, this is what Hell looks like. Welcome.

The bad news is we can’t do anything for your A/C. Except maybe sweet talk to it, that sometimes helps appliances to work properly.  The good news is we can help you beat the heat regardless. A bottle of the 2013 Bruce Wayne Sauvignon Blanc Russian River Valley is what’s going to help you in this crummy circumstance. Loaded with white fruit and racy acidity, this lovely little vino is going to keep you cool while you contemplate why you insisted on installing the machine yourself instead of calling in the professionals back in March when business was slower. The citrus twang and the cool crispness are the perfect companions to sitting in front of your open fridge. Real talk though, you might just want to pick up several of these bottles with the money you’ll be saving on that air conditioning bill.

In case the name doesn’t already have you feeling like you’re superheroing the situation, this wine also pairs wonderfully with all the cold dinners you’ll likely be having as well. Whether it’s sushi, a cold soup, or leftovers you refuse to heat up on the pure principle of it, the mild acidity and fruitiness is sure to compliment a cool meal nicely.

So perk up! You’re A/C will be fixed before you know it. In the meantime you get to have an enjoyable experience with wine named after one of your favorite superheroes.


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750 mL

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