The Perfect Wine Pairing for Sour Patch Kids

Posted September 30, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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Does it make too much sense to pair a wine called The Prisoner with a candy I like to call the human centipede version of gummy worms?

Or just enough sense? Sorry, that got weird fast. The candy’s real name: Sour Patch Kids Lineups. Much better. A factory error gone wrong then right again, they are a string of Sour Patch Kids stuck together at the head and feet to form one long rope. Hence, human centipede. They’re like a Sour Patch Kid that lasts longer. What’s not to like? The wine is the '12 The Prisoner Blindfold White. With a solid acidity and white fruit notes, a sour fruit candy pairs pretty perfectly. Munch on that string of Sour Patch Kids, and take a sip of the wine, and you'll taste fruity goodness bubble up as the initial sour coating subsides. The Sour Patch slogan will tell you: sour then sweet. Work with that.

During all of this, as you gaze at the blindfolded man tied to a post on the label of the bottle, try not to think about the fact that they’re called “Kids” too much. Gets weird. Luckily, the deliciousness far outweighs all of that. Is it Halloween yet?


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The Prisoner Blindfold White

93 Robert Parker - Robert Par...

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750 mL

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