The One Wine Pumpkin Spice Latte Fans Should Try Plus 5 More for Every Coffee Lover

Posted November 04, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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Coffee, the world’s second best drink, has been helping adults trudge through sluggish mornings for centuries. If you can make it to work before buying or making a cup, kudos to you. You’re probably not saddled with a caffeine addiction quite as crippling as mine. Regardless, your daily grind says a lot about who you are. So why not use it to your advantage when picking your next bottle of wine?


You’re intense, we get it. You like a hearty dose of caffeine but not the excruciating time it takes to consume any regular ‘ol cup of joe. The 2008 Capanne Ricci Brunello Di Montalcino will probably be your jam when it’s time to come down from your daily espresso high. Its intense yet well balanced with an elegant with a long finish. Just like your favorite tiny beverage. 

Drip Coffee

A little bit of milk but not too much sugar. You embrace and appreciate life’s simplicities. You’re probably a regular at the bodega in the morning and, bonus, you can get a cup for less than the cost of a gallon of gas. With that in mind, the 2012 Laetitia Pinot really begs the comparison here. Lightweight, bright red fruit is supported by a laid-back body of cola and fresh, Fall leaves. Just enough complexity to keep you entertained, but nothing too crazy distracting. Just right.

Red Eye

Drip coffee is obviously too weak for you and espresso lacks the volume you need to get through your nine-to-five. Not a problem when you can combine the two to make the tremor-inducing red eye. For big coffee like this you need a suitable big wine. In a word: Amarone. The 2009 Villa Girardi is h.u.g.e. High acid, high tannin, high alcohol, and notes of meat, chocolate, and (fittingly) coffee make this juice just as formidable as the strongest Seattle red-eye out there.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

You like the most basic coffee in all the land. Embrace it. Curl up in those new yoga pants, pour a chilled glass of  2013 Cupcake Pinot Grigio, and watch the leaves change colors before they disappear as fast as your beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte.


You're a child at heart. You love the adult version of hot chocolate and you don't even care who knows it. Maybe you don't have the most refined coffee palate, but who cares? No one will begrudge you for enjoying a sweet drink with a side of caffeine to break up the monotony of a long week. And guess what? A glass of Port will help ease the stress of a long week even better than your beloved Mocha. It’s just as chocolaty, but it benefits from the addition of delicious toffee and butterscotch. Seek out the Taylor Fladgate 20 Year and call us in the morning.


Sure, you like the sweet, light taste of a good latte on the regular but you probably like Instagramming the drink's frothy art the most. You painstakingly frame your cup with a seasonally-appropriate prop and snap a picture with the Earlybird, or maybe even Valencia, filter. Anything but Kelvin! Why stop at Instagramming latte art when there are literally thousands of beautifully designed wine labels? Grab a bottle of 2011 Adaptation Napa Chard. It's begging to be photographed with the Mayfair filter and it tastes like liquid heaven (no seriously, this is one of the most impressive California Chardonnays that has ever been in our store, so jump on it!).


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