The Easiest Way to Own the World's Rarest Wines

Posted November 11, 2014

Brandon Warnke


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Rare wine.

It's a phrase you might see often. However, the more you see it, the more you start to try and decide for yourself, what is truly "rare". Many of the world's top wines are highly sought after and quite expensive, but in many cases, production levels are such so the odds are a consumer who wants to spend the money, can find someone who has the wine for sale.

Looking for 1996 Lafite? No problem.

Interested in a particular vintage of Screaming Eagle? There are a ton of listings online right now.

But, have you ever tasted a wine that only a few other people in the world have a chance to taste? On top of that, a wine that even fewer people have a chance to actually own for any amount of money?

Now, pretend the wine is from an incredible producer and from one of the best vintages in the history of the Napa Valley.

Finally, imagine being able to display a wine in your wine room (or even better yet, popping the cork and sharing with someone special) where only 240 bottles were produced in total. On top of that, only a handful of people were given the opportunity to purchase it.

These wines exist. And we think in this case the word rare is the only way to define them.

They are none other than the Premiere Napa Valley wines from Napa.

This past February, our wine team attended the exclusive Premiere Napa Valley Auction in Napa Valley in search of just that. As the Premiere Napa Valley Chair puts it "Premiere Napa Valley wines are some of the rarest in the world, with winemakers going to the heights of their creativity, skimming just the cream of the crop to craft truly spectacular, limited offerings. Never more than 240 bottles, and often a mere 60 bottles per lot, these wines are made for just this one moment in time, for this one purpose, and they'll never be had again"

The event was truly spectacular. We tasted through hundreds of selections, and made a hit list of the ones we wanted to go after. We came home with a couple of lots that we were thrilled to be able to pick up. One of them was from a winery that many of you know very well. In fact, Opus One fans will recognize it in a moment.

The winery is Robert Mondavi ... and we were able to buy a special 240 bottle lot of 2012 To Kalon Vineyard "Monastery Block" Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine was flat out incredible. Big and rich, with the hallmark characteristics of the blockbuster 2012 vintage. In addition, we took home 4 other lots that we absolutely flipped for.

5 things every wine lover should know about Premiere Napa Valley.

1) Location, Location, Location: It happens once a year in February and draws the biggest names in Napa Valley.

2) We're talking one of a kind wines: Each winery is tasked with bringing something spectacular that is not available anywhere else. They are special bottles made for this event only. All individually numbered and never again sold in any other venue.

3) They are crazy rare: Is that even a phrase? If it isn't, we will start using it right here. 240 bottles is the max amount permitted to be produced per lot. These wines are just about impossible to find.

4) Discover the hottest new producers ... before anyone else. Just a quick look through the catalog of participating wineries can give you a glimpse at some of the new names in Napa ... many of which have just started mailing lists that you can jump on. After attending the event this past Feb, we turned many of our customers on to a slew of new producers. Many of those producers just got huge press in the latest issue of Robert Parker's the Wine Advocate.

5) Wines like Opus, Insignia, Dominus, Solaia and others are in just about every cellar. These wines ... are not.

Bottom line: This is a rare opportunity to own something that only a few other people in the world will own.

We were thrilled with what we were able to pick up this year, and can't wait to go back again next February.

For more info on PNV wines or to find out how you can take part in the 2013 selections, contact Brandon Warnke. (


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