The Best Wine to Pair with Snickers Bars

Posted September 30, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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Forget your gummy-this and your sour-that. When I think of candy, I think of the ultimate incarnation of early-90s sugar lust: the candy bar. Specifically, I think of Snickers. A special treat that had it all: Nuts, caramel, nougat (whatever that is), and chocolate. A veritable cornucopia of processed sugar delivery vehicles.

So obviously as we contemplate a suitable wine pairing, we need something that is sweet, rich, sweet, complex, and sweet; something with the depth to stand alongside roasted nuts, and caramelized… caramel. Something like…


Wait what is this, the 15th century? Who the hell still drinks Malmsey? You do. You’ll drink it and you’ll LIKE it.

For those of you who aren’t 400 years old, Malmsey is the sweetest variation of Madeira and is made from the Malvasia grape. It’s got twice the amount of residual sugar of other Madeiras, and its deep roasted flavors are shockingly perfect for something like a Snickers bar.

Oh and PS, we have a 93-point Malmsey in stock that brings an insane depth of flavor and finish. Grab a bottle and it will last you for months. You can thank me later.

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