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Posted February 02, 2017

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Last year, we offered out the previous vintage of this wine. The return business on this wine was off the charts. While many bought cases from the start, many of you that bought by the bottle or several bottles tasted the wine ... then came back for additional bottles .. or cases!

It was one of our most talked about wines last year.

The bad news is that vintage is now totally sold out. 

The good news? The new vintage is even better! In fact, this year, this wine earned a score 2 points higher ...and is once again available a flat-out incredible price.

As we said last year, think about this for a second:
--- A 99 Point Italian wine that comes down to $18.99 plus free shipping on case orders
--- A big, bold, full bodied red that drinks like it should cost 2 to 3 times the amount
--- A wine you can enjoy right now OR put in your cellar for a few years to age
--- A bottle that you will look back on years from now and laugh at what you paid.

We know how much you loved the 2013 version of this same wine. Wait until you try the 2014!

Bollina Cortemedicea Athos Rosso Toscana 2014
99 Points Luca Maroni (2017 Annual Review)
List Price - $30.99
Sale Price - $19.99
Or pay just $18.99 plus free shipping when you buy 12+ and use code ATHOS14

99 Points and just $19.99 per bottle. Or even lower when you buy by the case!
Use the code ATHOS14 and get this for $18.99 plus free shipping by the case

As we mentioned last year, the score was eye popping for sure, but that aside ... what really got us hooked here ... was what was in the bottle.  Hold the bottle in your hand for the first time and your first impression will lead you to think that what is in the bottle ... is big.
It is.
Luca Maroni awarded the Bollina "Athos" Toscana Rosso Corte Medicea 2014 99 points on his scale and much like the last vintage, we found the 2014 to be a stunning value from start to finish!

Italy, in general, has been a red hot area for value as of late but wines like this really drive this point home to an even greater extent. This full-bodied red exhibits incredible fruit and structure with a long, smooth finish. On top of that, this red is primed to drink now. No need to wait!!
Pizza? Pasta? Burgers?
This is the ultimate weeknight wine

We will say it again. Don't be fooled by the price point. This is a monster of a wine with layer after layer of complexity and concentration. It's the kind of wine you might spend when buying a $30-$50 bottle from Napa. It's something that, in a brown bag, many of your Cabernet Sauvignon fans would rave over ... despite the fact that it is 100% Merlot.  
That is exactly how we felt with the previous vintage of this wine ... and this year ... continues in that trend!

There is a reason why the previous vintage of this wine was one of our most popular wines of 2016. We expect even bigger things from this current release!

More about La Bollina itself ... and our final thoughts on this spectacular offer
Dollar for dollar ... this is as big as it gets when you look in the $20 and under range

The Bollina winery began production under its current ownership around 2011. The previously existing vineyard and wine cellar have undergone major renovations aimed towards modernization. The winemaking team works as a collaboration of a few wine professionals with many years worth of combined experience in viticulture and viniculture. The winemakers emphasize their enthusiasm for making wines using a pure and principled approach.
We have tasted a ton of new wines from Italy this year.  Some of the wines we have tasted under this label have really made us shake our heads. Why? The quality of what is in the bottle vs the price point seems out of whack. These are big wines ... with outstanding structure ... that can be purchased at a price far less than what many would expect.

We're talking intense ruby color here. This incredible Merlot from Tuscany is both complex and persistent on the palate. Medium to full bodied, expect notes of blackberry, cedar and smooth, big, lush tannins on the finish.

All in all, this is a spectacular wine for the money!!


Click here to order the Bollina Athos! Don't forget to use the code ATHOS14 when buying 12+ bottles and pay just $18.99 plus free shipping!

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Bollina Athos Cortemedicea Toscana Rosso

99 Luca Maroni - Annuario dei...

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