The 96 Point, 60% off Napa Cabernet Case Blowout! Going on now!

Posted May 12, 2016

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From a small family-owned winery, a rare ready-to-drink premium Napa Cabernet: the $75 Cabernet for $39.99 or $29.99 when you buy 12 or more, plus free shipping by the case!
This estate has not only been associated with selling fruit to names like Grgich and Chateau Montelena for their Cabs, the next door neighbors sell fruit to names like Silver Oak, Barlow and others.
For those of you looking for a top flight deal on a high end Napa Valley Cabernet ... this deal is for you.  In fact, this wine could indeed act as the perfect "cellar defender" ... or in other words, a great alternative to open instead of something that isn't ready yet. 

Collectors and casual wine drinkers alike, there is no need to wait on this one -  it is time to get corkscrew happy!

2011 Sempre Vive Napa Valley Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon
96 Points Catherine Fallis, Master Sommelier
95 Points Christopher Sawyer, Sommelier
Winery Price $75
Retail Price $39.99
Today get this for $29.99 per bottle when you buy 12 or more with the code SEMPRE plus free shipping!

This is a flat out steal.  A first at Wine Library, today's offer on the Sempre Vive Napa Valley Cabernet is one that we know so many of you will discover for the first time.  Wines like this are the result of countless hours of tasting, traveling and looking for high quality offers.  We thought this was an outrageous deal!   Why?  Here are three big reasons:

Reason 1) - The price.  
List Price $75.  Today, $39.99 or $29.99 per bottle plus free shipping when you buy 12+ and use code SEMPRE

That's right.  This is a savings of 60% off by the case.  Yes, that's more than half off premium Napa Cabernet. Try a bottle or two for $39.99 or drop the price to $29.99 per bottle when you stock up on 12 bottles or more. Plus, free shipping on a case! This is an unbeatable deal for Cabernet lovers and collectors.

Think about the last time you spent $75+ on a bottle of Napa Cabernet!  Those of you who do it only for special occasions should jump all over this while it lasts. These kinds of offers don't come around often.   Collectors who are normally stocking wine cellars with premium California Cabernet should look here as well.  Not so much for buying to store for years to come, but as an excellent bottle to drink now while waiting for some of those younger wines to mature.  More on that later ...

Reason 2) - Ask the Sommelier.  These two had huge scores (96 and 95 Points) on this wine!

These are the wine professionals who work with restaurants and retail, the sommeliers who understand exactly what so many of you love in wine. They agree - this wine is gorgeous. They rave over the wine's elegance, its smooth, velvety tannins, the dark fruit notes bursting from the glass. Master Sommelier - and it takes a ton of work to earn that title - Catherine Fallis concludes her 96 point review, "Smooth, polished and elegant." Sommelier Chris Sawyer agrees, "it’s an elegant wine with a soft, velvety texture, balanced tannins, and a long, engaging finish." Sawyer continues to offer mouthwatering pairing suggestions, such as "grilled steaks, lamb shank, chocolate truffles."

All in all, after you taste a bottle, you will see why the notes from these two critics were so strong.  This is a perfect example of a top flight Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon that can be had for a song!

Reason 3) - The Winemaking/Vineyard Management and property combo
Step one is the Vineyard.  Here, Jim Barbour is behind the scenes and for the last 10 years has tended the vines here.  Barbour is known throughout Napa for his work with names like Snowden, Cakebread, Revana, Barnett, Blankiet and so much more.  He has worked alongside Heidi Barrett, Celia Welch, Phillippe Melka, Thomas Brown and so many others.  These vines are in good hands.
Next up, Alison Doran is the consulting winemaker and brings her 30+ year experience to create a fantastic Napa Valley Cabernet.  Raised in Palos Verdes with plenty of horses and surfing, Alison Green Doran was drawn into winemaking in 1973. Her father, Oil man and long time Alexander Valley vineyard owner, Russell Green, bought the Simi Winery in 1969, and brought in Andre Tchellistcheff as a consultant soon after. By working as a harvest intern beside Andre for 6 months at Simi in 1973, Alison found both her life's work and her mentor. Andre found her a 5 month Stagaire position in Alsace for the crush of 1975, and then an enologist position with start-up Hoffman Mountain Ranch in Paso Robles.  The rest as they say ... is history

Sempre Vive's estate vineyard is located in Calistoga, the northern Napa AVA home to the likes of Frank Family and Chateau Montelena. Prior to the Romeo family's purchase of this real estate, the vineyard sold grapes to none other than Montelena. The climate here is noticeably warmer than southern Napa subregions, as it is farther from the cooling bay influence. The wines are structured, full, ripe. Exhibit A: The 2011 Sempre Vive offers "generous notes of dark cherry, wild berries, cocoa," writes Sawyer.

Sawyer describes the vineyard as being, "home to a rare collection of old Cabernet Sauvignon vines which made it through the 1990s, a tumultuous period when many of the other vineyards in Napa Valley had to be replanted due to the spread of phylloxera, a terrible disease started by the spread of the root louse. With this in mind, the Romeos named their brand Sempre Vive, which means “always alive” in Latin."

BONUS REASON!)  Get corkscrew happy...this premium Napa Cabernet is ready to drink now

The urge to open those sacred cellar selections is strong. Too strong. You're afraid that one day, in your sleep, you will take a corkscrew to a bottle you have been saving ... long before its time. No need to worry any more. This tiny production Napa Cabernet is a ready-to-drink premium selection ... and at our case price ... it won't break the bank!  Satisfy your craving for tremendous California Cabernet without feeling bad about your lack of patience.

Not a collector? Fantastic! Get a taste of premium California Cabernet without the wait. Experience the rich texture, the cocoa-dusted dark berry notes, the dark, inky depths of premium Napa Cab. You might just be convinced to get a cellar for yourself.

Bottom line - This Cabernet offers a flavor intensity unique to old vine wines, that depth of character and complexity you just can't capture from young vine fruit. We all hope, that when we get old, the world will speak as kindly of  our our offerings as sommeliers speak of old vine wines.

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Sempre Vive Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

96 Catherine Fallis (MS) - Pl...

Item: 95326

750 mL

Retail: $75.00

$39.99 per btl