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Posted February 01, 2016

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95 Points.
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The perfect blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese.

This is one we know so many of you on this list are going to absolutely love. A wine that we know long after we sell out, we will be fielding request after request for more based on one huge fact that has nothing to do with the monster 95 Point score. We know the demand for this wine will be huge long after it sells out based on its incredible drinkability. This wine is medium to full bodied, with outstanding complexity, excellent structure of fruit and finishes with silky smooth tannins that seem to go on for 60+ seconds.

Bollina "Aros" Toscana Rosso Corte Medicea 2014
95 Points - Luca Maroni (2016 Annual Review)
List Price - $34.99
Sale Price - $19.99
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A Wine Library Wine of the Year Candidate that didn't quite make it.

Late last year, our wine team tasted a selection of wines from Italy that we were not very familiar with. There was a selection of wines from all over Tuscany, many of which had Sangiovese as the dominate varietal and others that were blends. There was one wine in particular we kept going back to. It was a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Sangiovese that was simply incredible the moment we opened it ... and continued to evolve over the next hour or so.

We worked out a deal to bring the wine in and offer it out at an incredible price with the initial thought that it would be one of our Wines of the Year for 2015. However, due to a few delays ... it didn't make it in time. Slow transit from Italy combined with the busy holiday season delayed the wine over a month.

Today however, we are thrilled to finally bring this incredible discovery to all of you ... and who knows ... 10 months from now we might be looking back at this as one of our picks for our Wine of the Year for 2016!!

The ultimate blend.  50% Cab Sauv.  50% Sangiovese.

We know there are a ton of you on this list that buy both Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese from us. Many of you look towards these great varietals as a source of outstanding everyday wines. Wines that you can open on a Tuesday or Thursday night. Wines that are available in all price points. However the ultimate goal can sometimes be finding the particular producers in the $19.99-$29.99 price point who are making wine that drink like they should be 2 or 3 times the price.

This wine is a direct example of that fact.

Not only is it flat-out delicious and screaming to be enjoyed now or over the next several years, it delivers the level of complexity and overall structure that you would expect from wines that cost much more. What's more, the 60+ second finish on this wine is what will have you really talking! 

More about La Bollina ... and the incredible 95 Point Score

The Bollina winery began production under its current ownership around 2011. The previously existing vineyard and wine cellar have undergone major renovations aimed towards modernization. The winemaking team works as a collaboration of a few wine professionals with many years worth of combined experience in viticulture and viniculture. The winemakers emphasize their enthusiasm for making wines using a pure and principled approach.

Luca Maroni awarded the Bollina "Aros" Toscana Rosso Corte Medicea 2014, 95 points on his scale (Consistency 30, Balance 33, Integrity 32).  The translated review is below:

"Bollina presents a line of wines of excellent analytical and sensory value ... reaching its height with the Aros Rosso Corte Medicea in 2014, a real absolute champion of supple flavor and persuasive taste with wonderfully soft tannins wrapped in the luscious softness of the grape."

Bottom line - this is an incredible blend that is ready to drink now!!

Remember, to earn the Free Shipping on all orders of 12+ bottles use the code BOLLINA when checking out!

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