The 92 Point Chardonnay Super Deal: Save Over $100 A Case! Offer Coming Thursday, December 8

Posted December 06, 2016

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Here's how you hack your holiday wine shopping: follow the grapes. This Thursday, December 8, we put you hot on the trail of some amazing Chardonnay.

Sourced from a top-notch vineyard in a region known for elegant Chardonnay and then aged in French oak barrels, this wine is beautiful, bold and absolutely breathtaking. Only 350 cases were made. This wine comes from a small family producer, so it flies under the radar, despite the big-time vineyard name. 

You'll be impressed by the sale price, with a savings of $100 by the case. Even more, you'll be astounded by the quality it offers! This 92-pointer is perfect for all of your winter dining, entertaining and gifting needs. 

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