Parker gave the last vintage of this red blend a 95 and claimed it was worth $200. We think this one is just as good.

Posted September 24, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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The previous vintage of today's offer was one of the fastest sell out items in the history of Wine Library.


Robert Parker rated the wine 95 Points and remarked " If this were a Napa Valley or Bordeaux red, it would undoubtedly be priced between $150.00-200.00." We sold the wine for $22.99 per bottle.

We couldn't wait to get our hands on the new 2013 vintage ... and today, we have it available with a special discount by the case as well as free shipping. Malbec and Cabernet fans get ready!

Introducing the 2013 Chakana Red Blend

93 Points - Tim Atkin (MW)
92 Points - Decanter
90 Points - Luis Gutierrez (WA)
List price - $29.99
Sale Price - $22.99

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One of the best $19.99 bottles of wine you will buy this year. Period.

This is as good as it gets for $19.99. A big, rich, silky smooth blend of three of the world's most popular varietals, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Think about all the red wine you buy in this price point. In fact, think about some of the big time Cabernet, Bordeaux or even Brunello that you spend between $25 - $50 on. The 2013 Chakana Red Blend at $19.99 per bottle will give many of those wines a run for their money.

What really will get you here though is that 60 second long finish. As we mentioned above, it's silky smooth, with just the right amount of structure, the perfect amount of fruit without going over the top ... all in all ... a ridiculous value.

Ridiculous scores from critics around the globe.

Robert Parker issued back to back scores of 94 Points and 95 Points to the 2011 and 2012 vintage of this wine. As we mentioned above, he raved "If this were a Napa Valley or Bordeaux red, it would undoubtedly be priced between $150-$200". While Robert Parker himself did not review the 2013 vintage, his colleague at the Wine Advocate Luis Gutierrez did, scoring the wine 90 Points and raving "This is a very spicy, high pitched red with good balance between elegance and power, ripe without any excess."

Critics around the world have been raving as well. MW Tim Atkins scored the wine 93 Points and remarked "Fresh, complex and subtle with filigree tannins, this is a very harmonious red". He went on to highlight what many are calling the "new Napa Valley” and the "most talked about place in the southern hemisphere"! In his words, Uco makes Argentina’s "leading red has added a new dimension to Argentinian Malbec, producing high altitude wines that, at their best, display intense colour and perfume, as well as fresh acidity, dense black fruits and succulent tannins.” 80% of the fruit in today’s offering came from Uco Valley, a spectacular Malbec-based blend with impressive structure-enhancing grapes Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah!

In a Decanter panel tasting conducted last month, the 2013 Chakana Red Blend hit 92 Points and outscored Paul Hobbs' Riglos Gran Corte, Quintessa-owned Achaval Ferrer's Quimera and other well known producers including Bodega Norton Privada and Fournier’s Alfa Crux!

Made by one of the top winemakers in the world. Alberto Antonini.

The 2013 Chakana Estate Selection Red was made by internationally-renowned Tuscan-born enologist Alberto Antonini (Antinori, Frescobaldi, etc.). Antonini was recently selected as one of the top 10 most influential wine consultants on the planet, ranking him right up next to Paul Hobbs, Michel Rolland and Stephane Derenoncourt! In the more than 30 winery consulting roles he has around the world, he has single handedly championed one simple yet refreshingly profound mission…"to create wines with character and a sense of place”. That is what you get with the 2013 Chakana Estate Red.

"Argentina’s Napa Valley" - New York Times (November 18,2010)

Mendoza has been called the Napa Valley of Argentina by many. Several years ago, the New York Times published an article on the region with the title "Argentina's Napa Valley". In recent years, offerings from Mendoza have increased and consumer demand has gone through the roof, leading to many exceptional wines, many of which offer incredible quality for the money.

In recent years however, more emphasis has been taken by producers to emphasis zones and get even more specific about where the wine is coming from. Much of this wine comes from the Uco Valley in Mendoza, which has received quite a bit of fanfare over recent years.

"The region’s altitude acts as alleviator of extreme temperatures in an environment with low humidity and intense sunlight exposure and, therefore, allows for the production of grapes with great intensity and polyphenolic content. Soil also plays an important role in the creation of high-quality wines. In the case of Uco Valley, they are alluvial, sandy or rocky and therefore possess excellent permeability and drainage." -

Decanter recently highlighted the region as well in their travel guide and while they note the region might not look a lot like Napa, like the NYT article above, there is little question that the quality of the wines and the potential they posses will have many people wishing they got on the bandwagon much earlier.

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Bodegas Chakana Red

93 Tim Atkin, MW

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750 mL

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$22.99 per btl