90 Pt Pinot Noir Case Blowout: Was $39.99, now $31.99 and $24.99 by the case!

Posted August 06, 2015

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Before we begin, let's think about the holidays...

(An important note here.  Many of you are going to buy this, love it, then, when Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season hits, wish you bought more.  That's why a case buy here is something to really consider.  Pinot Noir pairs so well with just about anything ... and the quality level and price here are flat out off the charts!)

Today’s offer captures everything that is great about the Russian River Valley.

World-class terroir, iconic wineries, artisanal craftsmanship, and flat-out stunning quality are just a few of the reasons why we were so excited to bring you today’s featured wine. But there is one MAJOR difference between today’s offer and wines from Russian River Valley Pinot Noir legends such as Kosta Brown, Freeman, Macphail, and others in the uber-premium Pinot Noir club… and it’s today’s PRICE!

Introducing the 2012 Willowbrook Cellars Estate Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley

For starters, here’s the Magic behind this Deal:

As extraordinary as the 2012 Willowbrook Estate Pinot Noir is - especially when you consider the pedigreed company it keeps - the price is what got us so excited. While this is already on sale for $31.99/bottle, it's the case price that Pinot Noir and red wine drinkers will talk about for years! When you buy 12 bottles or more, enter code WPN12 and the price drops to $24.99/bottle AND ships for Free! That’s a 38% drop, folks. And for those of you looking for an even more extraordinary price on 60 bottles or more, please contact us directly for the Super Secret Deal Price

What makes this Pinot so special?

The epic vintage that redefined a market…

By now, we all know that Pinot Noir is a very, very unpredictable varietal, so from year to year, the winemaker takes a myriad of variables into play. In 2012, however, Joseph Otis (owner/winemaker Willowbrook Cellars) was given the gift of a “great year with ideal weather conditions” and the caliber of the fruit exceeded even his expectations, boasting a fullness of fruit and balanced liveliness that made this such an epic vintage!

But it gets better — check out this Single Vineyard:

Hailing from what many consider to be THE most extraordinary sub zone for Pinot Noir in all of California (think Kosta Browne, also part of this sub zone), the Willowbrook Estate Vineyard hails from a hilltop location in Sebastopol in the southwest corner of the Russian River Valley.

First, it’s in the dirt, or more specifically, the area’s Goldridge soils. Widely regarded as classic geology for growing Pinot Noir, Goldridge (sandy loam) soils work magic with Pinot Noir vines because of its water retention principles AND capacity to force Pinot Vines to be all that they can be!

Second, there’s a one-of-a-kind effect that transpires every single morning when the RRV’s fog tunnel rolls in, and back out. This cools and crystallizes flavors in the fruit and makes for stunningly unique, gorgeous wines. Even better, Willowbrook’s organically farmed hilltop vineyard receives 180-degree sunlight, making for brilliantly flavored Pinot fruit that drinks like liquid velvet. Translation - the quintessential Russian River Valley experience!

Third - and arguably the most exciting - the 2012 Willowbrook Estate Pinot release marks the second full year that Willowbrook Estate Vineyard was managed by Jim Pratt, one of the Russian River Valley’s most sought-after vignerons. Renowned for being an expert in the Sebastopol Hills/Green Valley AVAs, Pratt manages the vineyards for Peter Michael, Aubert, Siduri, and Macphail, just to name a few. 

The results are breathtaking — Not only did the 2012 Willowbrook Estate Russian River Pinot Noir nail an impressive 90 point review from the Wine Enthusiast for its sublime earthy nuances that "wrap around a medley of bright berry and cherry", but shares much of the same fruit, terroir and talent as the country’s greatest Pinot Noirs, delivering for a fraction of the price.

How it's made: Artisanal Pinot is more than just a cliche…

When Greg La Follette left Flowers Winery to start his own wine label, he built a state of the art winery that turned out to be the heart and soul for many of the Russian River Valley’s rising Pinot Noir stars (including Larry Londer, James Macphail and Joseph Otis). Otis and his partner bought the facility in 2004 because it was specifically designed with the small artisanal, uber-premium producer in mind. Drawing on small lots and passion-driven winemaking techniques, the 2012 Willowbrook Pinot Noir is the product of slow, labor intensive methods. Think Basket Press, gravity-flow, hand-sorted grape clusters, manual punch-down of the fruit… get the idea? We’re talking artisanal in every sense of the word, and it shows. The wine’s nuances make a wine that is at once concentrated and sublime, and should sell for 2-3 times the price just like the company it keeps!

All in all, this is a stunning offer.  Both for drinking now... and for something to jump on now for the Holidays, especially for red wine lovers ... all for $24.99 per bottle when you buy by the case!! 

Click here to order the 2012 Willowbrook Estate Pinot Noir while it lasts!  Remember to use the code WPN12 to get the special price of just $24.99 per bottle and free shipping when you buy by the case!

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