The 91-Point, $19.99 Red Blend Case that Will Make The Ultimate Holiday Gift

Posted November 19, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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- A $19.99 red blend that acts like it should cost $40

- A ridiculously smooth blend of Shiraz and Malbec (two of the world's most popular varietals

- A rock star producer that ranks up there with some of the best in the world.

This is it.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner and December a mere few weeks away, the time is now to find great gift ideas and wines that make pair with a wide variety of foods!  Today’s wine is tailor made to go with everything on the table, boasting rapturous palate drenching fruit and food-friendly elegance at a price that makes this one of the most irresistible offers of the year!!!

Introducing the 2011 Wild Duck Creek Yellow Hammer Hill Shiraz/Malbec

List Price - $29.99

Sale Price - $22.99

Today, get this for just $19.99 plus free shipping when you buy 12+ bottles and enter the code WDCSM

(Plus, there is a secret 5 case price available!  E-Mail Brandon to find out the price!)

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This is the $19.99 wine we will be talking about this holiday!!

Without question, the 2011 Wild Duck Creek Yellow Hammer Hill Shiraz/Malbec will be the talk of the season, a red blend that delivers everything you look for in a food-friendly, crowd-pleasing red!

From the same cult winery whose 99 pointer stunned Robert Parker years ago, an artisanal single vineyard red that features a special case-buy deal that reduces the price to $19.99 and free shipping, just in time for Thanksgiving!

A winery that is no stranger to huge praise from Robert Parker and others

The year was 2000.  Robert Parker had stumbled upon a tiny, irrepressibly fun-loving winemaker in Northern Victoria making what many in the trade at the time were regaling as the next big thing.  Parker tasted.  Parker scored.  99 points!  The wine was the 1997 Wild Duck Creek Duck Muck…creatively described as “surreal, otherworldly”, this began the meteoric rise that few other wineries from the southern hemisphere have since enjoyed.  More than a decade later, this same great winery has stood the test of time, fought the trappings of trends and has won over the most discerning of palates. Today’s offer is a bona-fide winner for all fans of full-bodied, artisanal wine.

(Re-)Birth of the place for Winemaking

Load this place onto your must-have wine map: Heathcote, in northern Victoria, Australia!  Considered by many to be one of the most dynamic, visionary wine regions in the Southern Hemisphere, Victoria, Australia’s cool climate wines have generated tremendous excitement in recent years.  Championing new and innovative wine styles, a myriad of soil types and passionate, emphatically artisanal winemaking, Victoria is absolutely the place to watch, and today’s offer exemplifies that spirit.
Wine Advocate’s Lisa Perrotti-Brown, MW loves the producers and wines from this region, raving about the “...small to medium sized producers, focusing on forging wines that represent both their lands and individual visions…and If I had to choose the most exciting wine styles emerging from these areas at the moment, they’d have to be the cooler climate Shirazes from Victoria [such as today's Wild Duck Creek Yellow Hammer Hill]… a good number of the highest quality producers have still managed to forge exceptional wines that are something completely different to anything you can find elsewhere in Australia, or anywhere else for that matter.”  Wow!!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…

** We all need great wine to have on hand to serve at parties, special events, big meals like Thanksgiving, or just for a special night out.
*** This offer delivers a big time gift idea you’ll want to buy early so you don't have to worry about finding that perfect wine in December.
Wild Duck Creek has been a secret treasure for a generation of wine lovers around the globe…now the secret is out!  This single-vineyard, masterfully-blended Shiraz/Malbec stunned Lisa Perrotti-Brown of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, who raved about the wine’s "crushed red and blackcurrants over hints of lavender, bay leaf, black pepper and aniseed.” 

Click here to buy the 2011 Wild Duck Creek Yellow Hammer Hill Shiraz/Malbec now! Order a case and use code WDCSM to get the special price of $19.99/btl AND free shipping!

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Wild Duck Creek Yellow Hammer...

91+ Lisa Perrotti-Brown - Robe...

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750 mL

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