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Posted October 01, 2015

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Simply put, Cabernet Sauvignon buyers are going to want to look close here.  Not only can this wine be had for 50% off the list price today, it's the perfect bottle to mix in with your favorite California Cabs.  You will be surprised how well it stacks up!

Introducing the 2009 Rios De Chile Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

List Price - $28

Our Sale Price - $14.99

Today, get this for $13.99 per bottle

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(Reminder: there is a bonus 5 case price available.  E-mail Brandon by clicking here to find out what it is!)

It's a ready to drink, value Cabernet Sauvignon that will compete with $25-$40 wines.

One glass and you will see why it's hard to beat the value here.  Full bodied and well structured, with soft, yielding tannins that allow the juicy fruit to jump to the front of the palate.  This comes of ultra smooth while the finish also brings a level of complexity you don't often find in wines in this price point.  For the next 24 hours only, grab this for just $13.99 per bottle!  A flat out amazing value!

Why Chile? Why does it matter?

Chile provides a near-idyllic place for vines to grow.  Given the region’s virtually phyloxera-free sandy soils and cool yet dry climate thanks to the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountains (insert topographical map that shows the air currents), it is one of the most exciting wine regions on the planet right now.

Here’s the best part...

While is reinventing the 'Bordeaux Blend', and despite an ocean of underpriced sub-$20 blockbuster reds (like today’s), there are award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon-based reds at the top that are raising the bar on quality across the board.  In 2004, experts in the field conducted a blind tasting in Berlin pitting several top Chilean wines against top Classified Growth Bordeaux and SuperTuscan collectibles including Solaia.  Chile took 1st and 2nd place, outperforming both Ch Lafite and Ch Latour!

How did this happen?

Despite Chile’s political links to Spain, it was really Bordeaux that sparked the country’s viticultural beginnings.  In the 19th Century, traveling Chilean businessmen with a love for the wines of Bordeaux started bringing back vine cuttings and importing vines (particularly from Bordeaux) to plant in Chile’s welcoming soil.  Cabernet Sauvignon exploded, and despite the country’s humble viticultural beginnings, Chile is now the fifth largest exporter of wine in the world.  Even more exciting is that in terms of wine production, Chile is #7…in the world, having grown a staggering 88% since 2000 alone.  Excitement and investments in the region, particularly in the last decade, have reached a feverish pitch, and today’s offering on the 2009 Rios de Chile is a stellar example of the kind of quality you can now begin to expect from this region.    

Who exactly is Rios de Chile and why should I buy this?

In 1994, Château Larose Trintaudon, one of the very best Crus Bourgeois from Bordeaux, partnered with traditional wine producers from Chile to form Casas del Toqui.  Rios de Chile is owned and made by Casas del Toqui, now a major player in Chile’s most important wine producing region.  Most of the fruit sourced for today’s wine hails from vineyards located in Alto Cachapoal, about 100 kilometers south of Santiago, where the alluvial soil and Mediterranean weather provide extraordinary conditions for grapevines.  Each plot of land is handled individually according to the unique characteristics of the terroir, which through a controlled irrigation system allowed the winery to harvest grapes rich in sugar, getting a perfect and balanced maturity.

French partnerships such as the union that created today’s wine from Rios de Chile follow in the same footsteps as many of the region’s great wines, including Almaviva, Clos Apalta and Vina San Pedro, just to name a few.  The biggest difference, however is that today’s wine is extraordinarily rated (94 points!) and comes to you at a staggering price!

Our wine consulting staff tasted this.  We loved it.  Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis tasted this, and also loved it, scoring it 94 points for its “…vibrant notes of raspberry, strawberry and boysenberry, along with bolder notes of plum, raisin, and fig”.  Wow.  It is rare to find a Cabernet Sauvignon this impressive for sub-$15/bottle, but it’s here and in stock right now.  Make this your red wine of choice for the next few months.  Stock up now while supplies last. Cheers!

Get the 2009 Rios De Chile Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon for just $13.99 now! Use code RIOS94 to get free shipping on your case order.

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