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Posted July 30, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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Three Wines

Three Special Discounts

One huge low price ... and a free shipping bonus

This is it, the deal you’ve been waiting for: Three wines that can be enjoyed any day of the week without a blink.

Three wines, three deals, and a free shipping offer to put a big ole’ smile on your face!

And as if the sale price isn’t enough, take advantage of our Free Shipping offer when you mix or match these by the 12 bottle case (or more) when you enter coupon 12CSZ.

Choose any of the three wines listed below for just $9.99 on sale (normal sale price was $12)

1) - 2013 Maculan Chardonnay - (Was $11.99 on sale) Today, just $9.99 per bottle on sale!  Click here to order or read on below!

2) - 2011 Aliwen Cabernet Sauvignon - (Was $11.99 on sale) Today, just $9.99 per bottle on sale!  Click here to order or read on below!

3) - 2011 Healdsburg Ranches Coastal Series Zinfandel - (Was $11.99 on sale) Today, just $9.99 per bottle on sale!  Click here to order or read on below!

Our #1 Chardonnay of choice is the exquisite 2013 Maculan Chardonnay, a standard-setting producer of wine at the foot of the Alps in Italy’s Veneto region.

What's the idea here?

For those of you who thought it was impossible to find simply remarkable value in the $15 and under price point, this special offer is designed to change your mind.  Normally priced at $11.99 each, all three of these outstanding, ready to drink values are priced at just $9.99 per bottle for the next 24 hours, or while supplies last! Most importantly, you can order a mixed case of any combination and get free shipping on your order when you use code 12CSZ. These are wines you can drink any night of the week. Varietals that are extremely popular. Wines that are designed to impress ... without a heavy price tag. 

Bottom line, these are your perfect Tuesday night bottles!

Who is Maculan?

The Maculan family has been producing the area’s best estate-made wines for three generations in Breganze, a storied and enchanting winemaking village at the foot of the Alps. The surrounding mountains and ancient geology of the region create the perfect climate and terroir for grapes, and Fausto Maculan, himself an innovative visionary and passion-driven winemaker, has fashioned an outstanding lineup of wines that set him head and shoulders above most other Northern Italian producers.

The Maculan cellars

What does this taste like?

Picture clean mountain air, summer sun, and a deep fruit bowl of flavors that remind you of white raspberry, apricot, white peach, freshly cut citrus, threads of snappy minerality, and succulent fig. Add to that just the right amount of oak (only a kiss), this is a quantity buy if ever there were one.

Our #1 Cabernet Sauvignon selection is the 2011 Undurraga Aliwen Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, from one of the most prestigious and longest operating wineries in all of Chile. 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, most of which is sourced from Chile’s treasured Maipo Valley, makes for an astounding release that belongs on every red wine lover’s table!

The Maipo Valley

But wait — who, what, and where is Undurraga Aliwen?

Founded 1885 (130 years ago!), Undurraga has established itself as THE go-to winery for Chilean wine lovers around the world because of their wines' profound flavors, approachability, and flat-out value. They only grow and make wine from Chile’s finest valleys (Maipo being among the best). When the Wine Spectator released its sentinel report a decade ago about the revolutionary Cabs coming out of Chile, it was the Maipo Valley that took center stage. “The Maipo Valley is the heart of Chile's Cabernet Sauvignon production, turning out rich yet supple wines with loam, black currant, tar and mineral notes that are distinctly Chilean.” Even better, the Aliwen Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon is a selection of the best clusters of fruit from vineyards mostly in Maipo Valley, aged in French and American Oak for just the right amount of time to give the wine amazing curves and nuance.

But how good could this sub-$10 Cab possibly taste?

Prepare thyself. From the intensely vivid ruby red core to the quintessential cassis, blackberry, violet aromatics to the sumptuous vanillan-laced red and black fruit flavors, this wine is built to impress. Accents of chocolate, tobacco and hazelnut add dimension to this sub-$10 winner that will both surprise and impress. This is one to go for, and go for in a BIG way.

Our Top Selling Red Zinfandel at the Wine Library today is the 2011 Healdsburg Ranches Zinfandel, from one of California’s historical outposts for the production of red wine, especially Zinfandel. Boasting a legacy of vignerons and winemakers who virtually built the California wine market into what it is today, this wine epitomizes California Zinfandel, and at under $10 a bottle, it’s a steal!

How did Healdsburg Ranches become our top Zinfandel selection?

This is a total no-brainer, especially for red lovers looking for spicy, brambly, exciting reds! Healdsburg Ranches is owned by a tight-knit, highly respected team of growers and winemakers in the area who have built the trade into what it is today. Renown for producing signature California styles, this very Zinfandel embodies all that is California in a uniquely affordable yet magical way. Enjoy this now.

Will this impress?

Without question, at sub-$10/bottle, the 2011 Healdsburg Ranches Zinfandel is built to wow even the most seasoned red wine drinker. Loaded with fresh raspberry jam, dark fruits, blackberry and boysenberry, the flavors on this selection are mouthwatering and simply gorgeous. Not too heavy, not that light, just perfect. Done the way the founding fathers of the North Coast wine industry intended it to be. Delicious, and ready to go!

While all of the above descriptors are intended to woo and wow you at every turn, the best part is the price: These all drop to $9.99/bottle for one day only. Even more exciting, when you use coupon code 12CSZ you can enjoy Free Shipping on all orders of 12 or more. Mix or match! YES!!!

Click here to order any of the three 12X12X12 offers now, while the offer lasts (24 hours only!). Remember to use the code 12CSZ to get Free Shipping when you buy by the case!


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