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Posted May 11, 2017

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  • An outrageous value that earned a huge 90 Point score in Robert Parker's the Wine Advocate by Monica Larner!
  • Buy by the case and save even more.  At $18.99 per bottle, this is more than 40% off the suggested release price!
  • Super Tuscan drinkers and those of you who normally look for good deals on Brunello will find a ton to love here ... at a price that can't be beat.
  • If you are normally drinking Ruffino, Monsanto or others ... you will love this!
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Introducing ...
2009 Fattoria Lavacchio Chianti Rufina Riserva Cedro
90 Points Robert Parker's the Wine Advocate - Monica Larner
List Price - $32
Wine Library Sale Price - $19.99
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There are a ton of you on our list that are always on the hunt for great Italian wine deals.  In particular, deals that you can buy and drink right away.  On top of that, the amount of requests we get for wines that were featured in Robert Parker's the Wine Advocate continue to soar ... and today ... we found ... a BIG one!

A huge score in Robert Parker's the Wine Advocate
Italian wine critic Monica Larner issued a rave review
After tasting this wine for the first time, you will quickly see why the review below was issued.  Bottom line, this wine is flat out ridiculous for the $$$

"Boasting a concentrated appearance and dark color, the 2009 Chianti Rufina Riserva Cedro shows more muscle than you normally get in Rufina. The nose is very well-balanced with elements of spice and dark fruits that build in momentum. The wine spreads thickly and smoothly over the palate with a pleasing sense of heft and density that is capped by fresh varietal acidity." -

Larner went on to remark "Fattoria Lavacchio is among the first estates in the Rufina area to practice organic and biodynamic farming. Hard work and investments have started to pay off and this boutique estate has shown impressive improvements to quality over the years. The winery was recently refurbished and customers can enjoy the offerings of an on-site restaurant and charming agriturismo. This is definitely a winery to watch and worth visiting in person."

All in all, it's one of the best new Italian values we have tasted thus far in 2017 ... and at this price today ... it's a no brainer!

This is the kind of wine to buy by the case ... and serve all year long
After you taste this for the first time ... you will see why!

Last year, we offered up another Sangiovese based red like this and made the following statement. 

Take a moment to think ahead.  Think of any event, party or large family gathering in the next several months that you might need wine for.  In many cases, these gatherings call for wines that will please a variety of people.  From the novice wine lover, to those in the group that have collections of their own.

The goal for events like this is to find the perfect wine that will please everyone.  This is the perfect wine for occasions like that!  Not only does it offer up plenty of character, it's silky smooth finish leaves everyone coming back for another glass.
A big time crowd pleaser from start to finish.  Pour it for your next group and sit back while the compliments come flying in. 
The same holds true to this wine and in fact ... with the overall structure and flavor profile here ... your friends will think you paid much more than you did.  After all ... this is a $30+ wine for $18.99 when you buy by the case!
This is the definition of a Cellar Defender and a perfect BYOB/Restaurant wine
Grab this ... instead of that bottle that just isn't ready yet.
We use the term "Cellar Defender" often.  So many of you have wine collections that offer up a problem from time to time.  You go in to pull out a bottle that isn't quite ready yet.  The reason you do this is because you are excited to try it ... excited to finally open it .... and in reality .... you just want to open up something you know will be really good.
Having a few extra bottles of this around will help. 
After you taste this for the first time, you will be thrilled to grab this and pour because you know it will give you exactly what you are looking for.  You won't be tempted to go for something not quite ready when you know yourself just how good this wine is! 

Look ahead on your calendar now.  Do you have any dinner reservation coming up that call for wine?  If so, bring along a bottle or two of this.  It pairs so well with a wide variety of food and is ready to drink now.  No need to wait.

Bottom line ... this is an incredible bottle of Sangiovese at a ridiculous price.  Remember to use the code LCRDEAL when checking out to earn the special price of $18.99 per bottle plus free shipping when you buy by the case!

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