Single This Valentine’s Day? These Wines Are For You

Posted February 13, 2015

India Kieser


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Who says you have to wait for a dumb significant other to buy a nice bottle of wine? Forget about it. Take charge. This year is all about you. We’ve hand selected five distinct and delicious bottles for a wide array of anti-Valentine’s Day activities. Whether you’re getting some much needed you time or sticking your singleness directly into the face of every stupid happy couple you see, do it in style. Treat yourself. Etc. You get the picture.

Your plan this year is: watching Netflix with lots of snacks

The wine: 2010 Willunga 100 Shiraz/Viognier

Granted, it may not be so different an activity than what you might normally do, but that’s why you’re about to enjoy an amazing glass of wine along with it, right? Pop that popcorn. Grab some Twizzlers. Take way too long to choose a movie on Netflix. Then: sit back, and enjoy.

Your plan: Hit the bars and mingle.

The wine: 2011 Stella Bella Chardonnay

So, you’re going out and hitting the town to try and meet someone. Good for you! Who said single people had to cower at home on this day? No one, that’s who. Before you go out, treat yourself to a glass of Chardonnay. It will start the night on the perfect note and you’ll be filled with as much energy and verve as the wine. Perfect for meeting that special someone who gives as many f***s as you about tradition.

Your plan: Making a lavish dinner fit for a king.

The wine: 2010 Decelle-Villa Savigny-Les Beaunes "Les Gollards"

Chances are you’re a great cook if this is your plan, so you deserve a great wine to go with that amazing meal you’re making for yourself. In a situation like this, it’s Burgundy or bust. Pinot is well known for it’s food-friendly versatility, and on a night like this, you deserve to splurge on something fancy. Bust out the fine china and get ready to treat yourself right.

Your plan: Having all your single friends over.

The wine:  Taittinger Lafrancaise Brut

Nothing like wine to seal the “I’m single” feel. But don’t worry; you’re breaking out the bubbles, so your guests will be thrilled. I 100% guarantee no one will end up crying in the bathroom*, because this stuff tastes amazing and pairs perfectly with parties. It’s a pleaser all around.

Your plan: Chores. All day. Don’t judge.

The wine: 2013 Ottosoldi Gavi Docg

Hey, no judgement here. Cleaning can be extremely therapeutic, and you’re being a lot more productive than those sick love birds who are wasting $200 on a meal they’ll regret two months later when the relationship goes south. Sorry. We were talking about you. This is the ideal chore wine. Light, fresh, floral - just like your awesome abode when the chores are over. Best part? There will still be more wine to drink.

* [Please note that Wine Library in no way takes responsibility if Shelly decides to text Sean (because you know she will, right?), and he blows her off again and she starts the waterworks. Not even Tattinger can stop that from happening. Just be cool, ok? - ed.]


India Kieser is a wine enthusiast with a passion for pairings. Follow her here.

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Taittinger Lafrancaise Brut

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Willunga 100 Shiraz/Viognier

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