Three Wine Pairings for the New ChickenShack Sandwich

Posted July 08, 2015

Steve Unwin


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Photo: Dave Zhang

In case you haven’t heard yet, Shake Shack, the incomparably delicious NYC-based burger chain just turned the food world violently on its head by introducing the ChickenShack sandwich to its menu. Slow-cooked in buttermilk before being deep fried and served on a potato bun, the ChickenShack is a testament to everything we love about food. We need it now. But since we’re over here in New Jersey, and the ChickenShack is only available in Brooklyn, we have to be content with fantasizing about wine pairings until we can get across the Hudson this weekend.

2010 Les Parcelles De Stephane Derenoncourt Haut Medoc

Ever since Paul Giamatti poured his ‘61 Cheval Blanc into a styrofoam cup, we’ve wanted to try pairing fast food and Bordeaux, and now is looking like the perfect opportunity. The Les Parcelles hails from the Haute-Médoc, home to world-class regions like Margeaux and Pauillac, but at a mere $14.99, you’ll have no problem using it to wash down Shake Shack’s crispy, salty creation. Bonus: The greasy sandwich should work perfectly to counteract the tannins in this blend, making for a fruity, soft compliment.

2011 Terre Di Monteforte Valpolicella Superiore Doc

This is already our #1 BBQ wine for the summer, so it makes perfect sense to try it with the ChickenShack. This is a meaty, full bodied wine to go with what us clearly a gigantic hunk of fried bird. The Valpolicella Superiore classification means this wine has a slightly higher alcohol content than normal Valpolicella, and has spent more time in oak, which is going to give it the oomph it needs to stand up to buttermilk batter, and herbed mayo.

2013 Serres Tempranillo Garnacha Rose

Since we are currently living through the summer of Brosé, it would be irresponsible not to include one on this list. Rosé from Rioja tends to be somewhat high acid, which makes is extremely food-friendly, and even more fried-food-friendly. This particular example also exhibits classic floral notes that will elevate your summertime indulgence to something even fancier than you were expecting, while the hint of tannic structure balances against the meaty chicken breast.


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