Seven Wines to Drink With Your Next Netflix Binge

Posted February 18, 2015

Geoff Gates


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If you’re spending $8 a month to have Walter White at your fingertips, double down on your investment and add a bottle of wine or two to the mix. After all, there’s no better way to consume media than consuming alcohol at the same time. So while you wait patiently for season three of House of Cards, here are some options:

Critically Acclaimed Movies

If you’re about to experience a world class movie, come prepared with a world class wine. Do you think Tom Hanks would appreciate you watching Forrest Gump while slugging back some two buck chuck? Fughetaboutit! Whether you’re more of a Siskel or an Ebert, grab a bottle of 2010 La Serena Brunello Di Montalcino for a cinematic and aromatic adventure. A full bodied red that boasts silky tannins and a superb finish, this wine has more than enough character to compete with the Jerry Maguires of critically acclaimed flicks.



Whether you like to belt “Summer Nights” from Grease at the top of your lungs or you freak out a little bit every time you hear the first two notes from Footloose, you enjoy speaking the language of love. So light some candles and get ready for an experience with a bottle of Scharffenberger Brut Excellence. This well balanced sparkling (were you really expecting something else?) adds notes of caramel and mousse that will have you swooning for more. Just remember, nobody puts bubbly in the corner!



Are you a fan of a rousing good laugh? Bueller? BUELLER?! Add some spice to your tiny window of sanity with a 2012 Hugel Gewurztraminer. With naturally high sugars and hints of melon, it’s the perfect off-dry white to keep the mood light. And even if the movie stinks, the above average ABV will surely keep you giggling throughout. If you’re asking yourself, “Mr. Gates, are you trying to seduce me??” yes, yes I am.


TV Shows

I have a soft spot for syndicated shows. There’s something about watching re-runs of Scrubs that brings me the utmost joy. And if you’re anything like me you’re viewing your guilty pleasure every night right before bed; for so long that the laptop feels like it actually might burn a hole in the comforter. In the same way that I love TV shows, but I really love Arrested Development, I love chardonnays, but I really love the 2011 Adaptation Napa Chardonnay. Flavorful green apple and a fresh acidity, you now have your go-to wine to go along with your go-to show. Haaaaaaaaave you met bliss?


Sci-Fi & Fantasy

If you’re part of a more whimsical sect, you may find yourself enjoying movies like Star Trek: Nemesis or The Crow. I’ll admit that every time I hear Korben Dallas say, “Anybody else want to negotiate?” I get all warm inside. The perfect pair to any and all futuristic endeavours is a bottle of 2011 Esporao Assobio. When I first tried this wine, my eyes bugged like Doug Quaid’s (or is it Hauser?) in Total Recall. A beautiful combo of black fruits and dark tannins, this wine will leave you wanting more. This must be a fantasy, because a bottle this good can’t be this cheap.



OK, here's your motivation: You're lost, you're angry in the woods, and no one is here to help you. There’s a witch and she wants to know what wine you’d like to drink... Turn off the lights, close the blinds and open a bottle of 2012 Janasse Cotes Du Rhone Reserve. A dark, almost blood red color with more legs than a tarantula, your palate will be attacked by Halloween licorice and smoked meats, ending in a fresh, layered finish. The flavors in this wine are nothing short of paranormal.


Top Picks For You

Guess what hot shot? This section is all about YOU! Take the wines you’ve given 5 stars to and give them a home here, allowing you to always go back and grab a bottle of whatever it is that you love the most. And remember, you can’t get Netflix in the mail anymore, the wine on the other hand...


Geoff Gates gained his wine experience working the tasting tables at Blomidon Estate Winery, giving him enough clout to be the guy who orders the vino at every group outing. A New York native, he's recently moved to San Francisco to write more articles and, of course, drink more wine.


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