Save over $100 a case: Rombauer and Martinelli fans look here!

Posted December 08, 2016

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-- An AMAZING bottle that fans of Rombauer, Jordan, Cakebread, Far Niente and others should, without question, check out
-- Vineyard planted by Lee Martinelli Sr of Martinelli fame
-- Drinks like it should cost $50+ (perhaps that has something to do with the point right above this)
-- Only 350 cases of this wine exist, making it one of the smallest, and most exciting Chardonnay offers we have offered all year
-- Free Shipping on all 6+ bottle orders with the code KRUTZ

It's time to announce one of our most exciting bottles of Chardonnay in 2016.  

A bottle that is made in VERY small quantities, earned outstanding press, is available at a tremendous price, and has a tie in to one of the famous producers in all of California.

In addition, it's the exact example of why being on our e-mail list is so exciting. We aim to bring small production, incredibly well-priced offers, from ultra under the radar producers ... to all of you. This ... is a BIG one.

Krutz Family Chardonnay 2013 Green Valley Chardonnay
92 Points Wine Enthusiast
List price $40
Sale Price $29.99
Free Shipping on 6+ bottle orders with code KRUTZ

From $40 to $29.99! Grab a bottle, grab 6 bottles, grab a case.
When you buy by the case, the total savings are well over $100!

This offer is aimed to save you some serious money on your holiday Chardonnay. It doesn't matter if you buy one bottle, 6 bottles, or a case or more! The price is just $29.99 per bottle!  With a suggested list price of $40, those of you buying by the case will save over $100 off the original value!

This is the time of year when we know many of you are shopping for great wine in the $30 and under price point. This is one bottle that will really perform more like a $50 Chardonnay instead of one that set you back $29.99. It's, without question, an offer that we know even your biggest California Chardonnay friends will flip for. Especially those used to spending way more $$$ to get the ridiculous quality, elegance and overall mouthfeel you get after the first sip of this.

Only 350 cases were produced. This is not something you will find in many shops.
Instead of the next bottle of Rombauer, Far Niente, Grgich Hills or Jordan you grab ... try this!

This is exactly the kind of wine we look for when we travel. A low production, ultra high quality offer that is not available in many shops. Something we can introduce to all of you ... in many cases for the first time. So many of you have your go-to bottles of California Chardonnay, from names like Rombauer, Far Niente, Grgich HIlls, Jordan, etc. The 2013 Krutz Family Chardonnay is a prime example of another ultra premium offer that is available at a price far less than you might expect.

"Bright and light golden-yellow in color. Exotic and sweet vanilla bean aromatics backed by pear and kiwi with a slight orange peel. The palate resonates with texture and depth as stone minerality and cream brioche to match. Flavors of roasted plantains, gravenstein apple, and lemon zest frame the wine for a long yet soft finish." - Winery

Huge Press and the Martinelli Connection
Martinelli fruit is just one of the reasons this is so special!

Most Chardonnay lovers and wine collectors around the world know just how special the wines from Martinelli are. For years, the wines have scored off the charts with many of the major wine critics and continue to be difficult to find.

This wine is sourced from a vineyard that was introduced to Krutz Family by Lee Martinelli Sr and after you taste it for the first time ... you will see why we were so excited to offer it to all of you.

As Krutz Family Cellars notes, "Planted in the early 90’s, this is the coolest vineyard site in the Russian River Valley, located at Lee Martinelli Sr.’s home ranch in Forestville, CA. After riding around with Lee in his pick-up truck when we visited his Woolsey Road, Zio Tony, and River Road Vineyards, he decided to take me to this gem. He kept this particular vineyard in his back pocket until we hit it off. We did, and I think you’ll enjoy the ride as well."

The Wine Enthusiast issued a 92 Point score and raved "Elusively crisp and inviting on the nose, this is a thickly intriguing wine, floral in orange blossom and fresh apple. Structured and lengthy, it retains a tangy acidity and structured finish, the grapes sourced from a dry-farmed vineyard."

Need our tasting notes? Well ... let's just say ... this was one of the most exciting new Chardonnay discoveries we made this year. We brought this producer to many of you last year with a fantastic Zinfandel offer. That wine was a total sell out and left many of you looking for more offers from this small, family winery. Today is the day.

From start to finish, this is one of the most incredible bottles of Chardonnay you will find for the money. The story above regarding how it came to be ... tells the story why!


Click here to grab a bottle of the 2013 Krutz Family Chardonnay! And don't forget to use code KRUTZ to get free shipping on 6+ bottles!

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Krutz Russian River Chardonnay

92 Wine Enthusiast

Item: 96908

750 mL

Retail: $40.00

$29.99 per btl