Pies n' Wines: How to Drink Wine with Your Pie and Get Away With It

Posted November 16, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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Now that you know what to drink with your side-dishes, it’s time to move onto everybody’s favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner: the pies. Whether you’re grabbing a pre-made pumpkin pie, or simmering down berries yourself for a homemade masterpiece, wine is the perfect compliment for your tastiest of pastries:

Apple pie: 2012 Bello Family Chardonnay

This Chardonnay was practically made to go with apple pie. It’s a rich, lemon-curd-with-vanilla-icing kind of affair. It benefits from a responsible use of oak, but, as with the pie, the fruit here is the star. As you enjoy the soft, gently spiced apples, and the mildly savory crust, a sip of the Bello will not only hold up, but contribute a palate-cleansing acidity. This is a magnificent pairing. Seek it out!

Blueberry pie: 2013 V Mitolo Waveform Cabernet Sauvignon Mclaren Vale

Cabernet Sauvignon can exhibit a whole range of different fruit flavors, but the Waveform comes in solidly on the blue/black side of the spectrum, which is perfect to go along with a tangy, sweet treat like a blueberry pie. This wine also exhibits some cool chocolaty undertones which bring a welcome complexity to the whole affair. This is one classy dessert experience.

Cherry pie: 2011 Scotto Family Old Vine Zinfandel

To be perfectly fair, this wine basically IS cherry pie in a bottle. You get rich juicy fruit wrapped in a pastry-like oak that does a magnificent job of standing up to the syrupy cherry filling despite being a dry wine. There might not be anything more American than a Zin like this alongside a perfect cherry pie.

Pumpkin pie: 2012 Willowbrook Cellars Pinot Noir

The ultimate Thanksgiving wine meets the ultimate Thanksgiving dessert. This pairing is Autumn in your mouth with tons of warm baking spices underscored by a complex, leaf-pile kind of earthiness that is a classic, telltale sign of superlative American Pinot Noirs.


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