Prosecco: It's What's for Brunch!

Posted April 03, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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Of all the wines we’ve had the most fun celebrating, Prosecco is undeniably the most approachable. Famous as much for its fun-filled flavors as for its easy-on-the-wallet price tag, Prosecco’s meteoric rise to stardom is due, in no small part, to the paralell rise in the popularity of brunch.

As with most categories that blow up and get super popular, mischief has run amok. When things got a little wonky, producers within the spiritual birthplace of this cherished bubbly, namely Valdobiaddene and Conegliano, set up new standards to protect their brand, and make sure all the Prosecco you buy is top-quality.

What you should know about Prosecco:

In order to be labeled Prosecco, it must be made with a grape called Glera. It is a sparkling wine that is most often off-dry to the taste, with mild floral and peach aromas that go perfectly with our favorite-not-quite-official meal: BRUNCH!

Freshness reigns supreme, as secondary fermentation occurs in stainless steel tanks (instead of oak), making for a light, ready to drink, cheap, and cheerful winner every single time.  But enough talking! Want to know what bottle to pick up for your next mid-day party? Look no further:

Five Proseccos Perfect For Your Next Brunch:

Thinking Pink: Giacomo Dry Rose Prosecco

A Rosè Prosecco made with 100% Pinot Noir? Perfect for when you’re looking to live that ‘Swarovski-studded’ lifestyle on a ‘sequin-stitched’ dime.


Consealed Carry: Zardetto Prosecco (half bottle)

An all-occasion bottle of Prosecco that actually fits in your normal-sized purse…? Adios, weekender bag!


Perfect Pairing: La Perla Prosecco Extra Dry

If you’re searching for the perfect match to that drool-inducing lobster eggs benedict that you just spotted on the menu, look no further. After all, if you’re gonna treat yourself, you have to make sure to treat yourself right.


The Refresher: La Perla Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore

With warmer temps on the way, this Prosecco is literally designed to keep you cool. With bubbles that just won’t quit, and a label that compliments that outfit you wanted to flaunt in your ex’s face break out for brunch this weekend, all you need to do is show up and look fabulous.


Just Plain Delicious: Caposaldo Prosecco Brut

With the bouquet of fresh fruit that you’ll get just on the nose of this Prosecco, it’s essentially the same as eating a fruit salad*. When you think of it that way, a second helping of bacon during brunch sounds FAR more reasonable.

(*This statement is not scientifically backed.)




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Caposaldo Prosecco Brut

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