Our Pinot Grigio Deal of the Year! Announcement coming Thursday, August 11

Posted August 06, 2016

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For one publication, It was ranked as the most requested Pinot Grigio in restaurants across America and one of the biggest names in Italian white wine. This is a name we're sure you'll recognize as an estate we've loved year after year. 

Santa Margherita lovers, wait until you try this!

Relaxing at the seaside in late summer

Staying home and watching a movie on the couch

Enjoying a seafood dinner with family and friends

This is the top-requested Pinot Grigio in restaurants nationwide because its bright acidity and zesty citrus character make it so refreshing on its own and so versatile on the table.

Those of you looking for a crisp white wine to wind down the season with and one weighty enough so serve throughout the fall will find both your needs mets in this one wine.

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