Our most aggressive Cabernet deal of the Year. 92 Points / $12.99 per bottle by the case

Posted July 21, 2016

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Looking to stock up on rated Cabernet this summer?
This ... is the perfect chance.

This is a 92 Point, $12.99 per bottle, Cabernet Sauvignon blockbuster deal!!!

Not only did this incredible Cabernet earn a 92 Point score, it is available today for only $15.99 per bottle ... and for those of you buying by the case, the price drops down to $12.99 per bottle. Even better, all orders for 12 or more bottles will earn free shipping with the code KRCAB!

It's a blockbuster offer with a very aggressive case discount. Cabernet Sauvignon this good, at the $12.99 price point, is almost impossible to find.  Think about all the $15 and under Cabernets you normally fill up your shopping cart with.

Today ... grab this instead.  The special price is valid today only ... or while supplies last!

92 Points James Halliday - Australian Wine Companion
Normal sale price $19.99
Today's special sale price $15.99
Or, order 12+ bottles and pay just $12.99 per bottle when you use code KRCAB
In addition, all orders for 12 bottles or more will earn free shipping!!

Welcome back red wine fans! We have not forgotten about you, we were just waiting for the perfect deal to come along. And here it is!

We have been offering wines from today's producer for over a decade. Their Cabernet Sauvignon has proven to be one of their most popular over the past few years. No surprise there - you don't find everyday-priced luxuries everyday.

Today, we're offering one of our deepest case discounts on a wine we know you'll love!

Cabernet by the case, priced for parties, Monday nights, Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights
And Thursday nights, too, but sometimes we go out

This 92-point Cabernet is ready whenever you (and your guests) are! We know that - no matter what time of year - there are occasions that call for a full-bodied red wine.

Grilling a steak? Pour a glass of Cab
Throwing a party? Duh, you're going to need Cab
Watching Scandal? Grab the nearest bottle of Cab

This is an amazing Cabernet, priced for entertaining and quiet nights in. At this price, you can even cook with it. We hear a splash of Cabernet can really amp up your burger game.

In Focus: McLaren Vale
As James Halliday notes in his 92-point review for this wine, "McLaren Vale has long shown its affinity with cabernet."



Located in South Australia, outside of Adelaide, McLaren Vale has a maritime climate. The season is long and moderate. Sea breezes come in off the Gulf of St. Vincent, keeping grapes dry, happy and healthy. Over an extended growing season, Cabernet Sauvignon grapes ripen fully, yielding wines like this one. The 2013 Kangarilla Road Cabernet Sauvignon McLaren Vale is generous with its fruit and offers soft tannins, so there's no need to wait!

Some of you may remember hearing about the wicked droughts that plagued Australia in the early 2000s. Conditions have improved significantly, and 2013 was a superb vintage. The winter rains provided sufficient moisture for the grapes throughout the growing season. The grapes ripened during warm-but-not-too-hot days and cool nights, ideal for balanced wines.

Even back in the 1800s, the Aussies knew this was a great place for wine. Grapes were first planted commercially in McLaren Vale in 1838, beating out Napa by one year (Calvert Yount planted Napa's first grapes in 1839). Though McLaren Vale has an ideal climate for wine production and, as Halliday ntoes, an "affinity with Cabernet," it does not have nearly the same level of recognition as Napa. Lucky for you!

Live a luxury lifestyle at an everyday price

This is guiltless pleasure...and we aren't lying (unlike some of those fat-free ice cream containers).

With the price of some Cali Cab these days, it's hard to indulge in a glass every night and stay within your wine budget. We totally get it. Especially when you're looking for a Cabernet of this quality, one you actually enjoy, not one you settle for, saying, heck! it's drinkable for a $15 bottle.


This is more than "drinkable." It's delicious.

While prices for California Cabernet continue to rise, there are amazing deals to be found in Australia. This Cabernet is a classic expression of the variety, one that is sure to please California Cabernet fans and Left Bank Bordeaux drinkers alike.

At just $12.99 per bottle by the case ... it's a stunning deal.
Click here to order the 2013 Kangarilla Road Cabernet Sauvignon.  Don't forget to use the code KRCAB when checking out to get the special case price of $12.99 per bottle and free shipping on orders of 12 bottles or more!
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