Our Bordeaux Deal of the Year. Coming Thursday, Oct 27th at 10 AM EST

Posted October 22, 2016

Wine Library


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It's been months in the making
The Bordeaux Deal of the Year has finally arrived.
Well ... almost at least.
This Thursday, October 27th at 10 AM EST, Wine Library will announce our Bordeaux Deal of the Year!  Our team not only flipped for this stunning red, Gary Vaynerchuk, star of Wine Library TV, picked this out of a huge lineup of possible Bordeaux options for the fall season. 
There are so many reasons why this was a no brainer for us.  Here are 5 that really stood out.
1) - It's ready to drink now.  No need to wait on this one.  You can drink it upon release or put it in your cellar for the next several years as it will last for many more!  We know that most of you however will find plenty of reasons to drink it up now!
2) - Its price point is outrageous.  We are talking about $35+ quality for under $20.  Hard to find at times in Bordeaux yes ... but in this case, the wine delivers from start to finish.
3) - It's not just for Bordeaux buyers.  Yes, this is a classic Bordeaux but we also have a feeling those of you who drink mostly California red and red blends will find a ton to love here.  At this price point, it is well worth a try!
4) - It's perfect for parties or as your everyday house red.  Buy a case, drink a few bottles at home.  Bring a couple to your next BYOB restaurant.  Grab a couple more when you get together with friends and family.  At this price point, this wine fits for all of those occasions!

5) - It's the perfect holiday gift for any wine lover on your list.  For a stocking, for a client gift, for a friend ... you name it.  This will work for a variety of holiday gifts ... especially at this price!

Make sure you’re signed up for our main email list as we will email the full details on this exciting new find at 10 AM EST on Thursday, October 27th!  Cheers.