Our biggest Premium Cabernet deal in Wine Library History? The answer is yes. Offer coming April 9

Posted April 03, 2015

Wine Library


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We've got one big question.

Is this the best deal on a premium bottle of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon that Wine Library has ever offered?
The answer, quite simply, may be yes.  In fact ... lets change that.  The answer IS yes!
On Thursday, April 9th at 12 Noon, Wine Library will release our next big deal.  This one ... has perhaps the largest discount we have ever offered attached to it.  The Suggested list price of this wine is $250.  Our price?  Just $99.99 per bottle!!
Want a few more hints?  Well ... here is what we can tell you now:
1) - It's got top pedigree winemaking and vineyard management.  We won't give away the names of those involved yet, but lets just say, the resume of wineries that have been tied to these two include the likes of Bryant Family, Screaming Eagle, Colgin, Beringer, Quintessa and more
2) - The original suggested list price here was $250.  Our current sale price is $149.99.  On Thursday, April 9th, look for the secret code and get this for just $99.99 er bottle!
3) - It's ideal not just for California Cabernet fans, but for collectors always on the hunt for an incredible deal from a premium producer ... at a price that is flat out insane!

Bottom line, we loved it.  So did the Wine Spectator ... Vinous Media ... and more!
To see this huge deal, make sure you’re signed up for our main email list! This offer will be sent to your email at 12 Noon on Thursday, April 9th.