Our #1 Summer White. 91 Pts, $14.99. Free Ship by the case. Deal coming Thurs, April 2nd

Posted March 28, 2015

Wine Library


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Yes that's right. 
Better than Santa Margherita
Better than 95% of the white wines at $20
After tasting dozens of bottles, there was just one left.
Spring is here. Summer is around the corner.
On Thursday, April 2nd, Wine Library will announce our #1 Pinot Grigio selection for 2015.
How much did we love it? Let's just say this. It is by far the most exciting white wine we have on tap for the summer months ahead. It's clean, refreshing and ultra crisp. It's the kind of wine that leaves you coming back for another glass. Quickly. 
On top of all of that, it has a couple of other key points going for it:
1) - The Price and Free Shipping: It will be on sale for just $14.99 per bottle for one day only. An absolutly stunning price for a wine of this quality!  In addition, all orders for 12+ bottles will earn free shipping!
2) - The rating: We're not the only ones who raved over this wine. One wine critic issued a 91 Point score to this white and without question, just reading the review will have you reaching for a bottle.
3) - The overall crowd "wow factor":  Bring a few bottles of this to your next party and watch what people say. Not only will this wine impress Pinot Grigio fans, we know it will win over folks who tend do avoid PG altogether. Bottom line ... Its got it all.

We will announce the name of the wine on Thursday April 2nd at 12 noon. The $14.99 price will be available for just 24 hours.

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