Our #1 Summer Sancerre Pick! Details inside

Posted June 09, 2016

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C'est L'ete
It's summer.
This is our #1 pick for the season ... at a special price today only!
What do you pair with summer?
Something crisp. Something bright. Something refreshing. Something that tastes like waterfalls (what a great tasting note from Certified Sommelier and Specialist of Wine Elizabeth Schneider). Something that has acidity and such rich intensity of flavor that you can chill the wine down without losing anything.

You pair Sancerre with summer.  Especially this one:

Introducing our Number 1 Summer Pick:
Hubert Brochard Les Collines Blanches 2015.
List price - $24.99
Sale price - $18.99 per bottle
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Please note, this wine is expected to arrive in 3 weeks
We've been waiting for this to arrive.  Due to a small delay at the port, we will have to wait a little longer, however .... it will still be here right around the official start day for Summer ... and the timing couldn't be more perfect.  Especially for this wine. 
What makes this our #1 Pick for the Summer?
We taste a ton of wine.  This one really got our attention

Sancerre, the white wine for white wine lovers and white wine skeptics, for diehard Sauvignon Blanc drinkers and those with hesitations. Sancerre, the Sauvignon Blanc like no other and the white wine you want this season.
For the last two years running, this has been our go-to summer Sancerre - for all of you and our wine team, too! From an established producer and typical terroir, this is an amazing Sancerre deal, especially at this time of year.
The return business on the last two vintages of this wine has been off the charts.  Customers trying a few bottles at first, then coming back for full cases.  It's a flat out amazing bottle for the $$$.
You pair summer and Sancerre. You pair seafood and Sancerre. You pair flip-flops, sundresses and linen pants with Sancerre. You wear your broad-brimmed sunhat and sip Sancerre on your porch because it is both thirst-quenching and mouthwatering. You light up the grill and throw on farm market vegetables. Sancerre complements the summer bounty like no other wine.
So, summer and Sancerre. Got it?
What about summer and a sale? This Sancerre is less than $20 a bottle.
Save even more when you buy by the case today!
With a price tag of $18.99, this wine offers knockout quality. You almost never see Sancerre deals this good. Almost never. That's where the 2015 Hubert Brochard "Les Collines Blanches" comes in.
During the summer, sales of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and others soar.  Our buying team is always on the look out for top value here and last year, after tasting this Sancerre, we knew we had a hit on our hands. 
The tasting notes from the domaine really say it all. Crisp and flinty with bright fruit characteristics. Fresh apple and zesty grapefruit tones are balanced by hints of honey on the long finish. The clean, bright acidity of this wine makes it very refreshing
All in all, this is summer in a glass ... or at least ... as close as you can get!
Not familiar with this producer?  Now is the time.
This is a stunning Sancerre from Hubert Brochard

This is classic cool-climate, mineraly Sancerre. Established over a century ago, the family estate is now in the hands of the fifth generation. Today's offer is a special cuvee, one we are thrilled to offer, along with a little French lesson:  "Les Collines Blanches" translates to white hills, exactly what these vines grow on. The soils are 40% limestone, 40% flint and 20% clay, a combination that gives this wine its delicious flavor profile and intensity, its balance of fruit and mineral elements. According to Schneider, the limestone and clay components give wines richness, sweet herb notes and that "waterfall" taste, and the flint makes wine taste like chewing on rocks. These elements come into balance with fresh, vibrant fruit.

It's no wonder this has been our number one summer Sancerre two years running.
The price is unbeatable. The flavor is amazing. The wine is refreshing and fantastic for summer.

Click here to preorder today!  Don't forget to use the code 2016FSS when buying by the case for the special $17.99 price and free shipping!!


Item: 93689

750 mL

Retail: $24.99

$18.99 per btl