Our #1 Spring Chardonnay under $15!

Posted March 19, 2016

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If there are just three things we want all of you to take away from this offer, it would be the following:
1) - This is one of the very best values in Russian River Valley Chardonnay on the market today.  It's flat out amazing for the price, from one of the most trusted names in California, and is drinking flat out amazing right now.
2) - Both Robert Parker and the Wine Spectator have highlighted this wine as one of the best values in California today.
3) - Spring is here.  Summer is right around the corner.  This wine ... is flat out perfect.  By the pool.  At the beach.  On the patio.  Just about anywhere.  

2013 Buehler Chardonnay Russian River Valley
List Price: $18.00

Wine Library Sale Price: $12.99

It's time to start thinking white wine. Chardonnay in particular.  Today, we present our pick for our #1 Spring Chardonnay.  It's a name that many of you already know very well.  Buehler is one of the most popular producers in Napa and this offer, which is actually from the Russian River Valley, comes from two vineyards within the appellation.  The 2013 vintage was spectacular and after you taste this, you will see exactly why we say the following each time we taste this ...
This is just $12.99 per bottle? --- Everything you would expect in a $25 package... for $12.99
Yes.  It's hard to believe after tasting it for the first time ... but it's true.  This is a classic Russian River Valley Chardonnay that drinks like many other $25+ bottles from this same region.  We've seen a treasure trove of values coming from Spain, South America, Australia, and other areas ... but when it comes to California, steals in the $10-$15 price point can be a little more difficult to find.  This is an example of one that really just should not be missed ... in fact, due to the large production here ... it's one that many of you might end up wishing you had found long before!
What did Robert Parker have to say? --- Featured in his article - USA, California: California Wine Values - Finding Tasty Bargains For Under $25 (August 28, 2015 - Robert Parker)

"It’s hard to find value in Napa Valley, although great wines there are plentiful. That said, Buehler Vineyards, owning their own property for years, has turned out some very well-made, moderately priced wines." - Robert Parker

Parker went on to review both Chardonnay efforts from Buehler.  The Carneros Chardonnay and the Russian River Valley Chardonnay we are offering today.  His tasted the Russian River Valley Chardonnay twice and noted "As most readers know, you don't find Russian River Chardonnay at this price point, and winemaker David Cronin has turned out a very nice one. Crisp, elegant and fruity with delicate pear, white peach and honeysuckle, medium body and a dry finish, this 100% Chardonnay can be drunk over the next 1-2 years" - (87 - November 2014)
He then tasted it again for this article in August of 2015 and noted "The 2013 Chardonnay Russian River offers honeysuckle, tropical fruit, poached pears and spice." (87 - August 2015)
Remember... this is Russian River Valley Chardonnay... for $12.99

What did Wine Spectator have to say? --- It hit the top of the list for California Chardonnay under $25 in story published recently. 
Last month, James Laube from the Wine Spectator published a column that highlighted some of his top picks from California in Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and other varietals.  He broke down each category and highlighted his top suggestions in the under $25 price point, the $25-$50 price point and the $50+ price point.  
(Link) - http://www.winespectator.com/magazine/show/id/52602
Under Chardonnay, the top pick under $25 (and the one that was the least expensive) is the 2013 Buehler Russian River Valley Chardonnay).  He notes "Winemaker Dave Cronin quietly plies his trade across a range of excellent wines. This one is subtle and graceful." (88 - Feb 2016)

We will say it one more time... Remember... this is Russian River Valley Chardonnay... for $12.99

The Beach. The Pool. The Patio. The Kitchen Counter. THIS IS PERFECT! 
Grab a case or more of this and cross off summer white wine shopping from your list.  On top of that, the ridiculous value this wine offers is one that you won't find from many other offers.  It was easy to name this as our #1 Spring Chardonnay.  In fact, the only reason we didn't name it our #1 Pick for the Summer as well is because we know we will be long sold out by then.
Enjoy this one.  We sure did!!!

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750 mL

Retail: $18.00

$12.99 per btl