Our #1 Chardonnay under $20 for the Summer: 24 hour case discount, free shipping and ties to the famed Durell Vineyard!

Posted July 14, 2016

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Without question, Chardonnay is in high demand this time of year. 

Below, you will find our #1 pick for the season.  In addition, since we know many of you are stocking up for a variety of summer needs, we are offering an incredible sale price of just $18.99 per bottle ... and for 24 hours only ... an even lower price with a case discount that brings it down to $15.99 per bottle by the case with free shipping!

We know many of you stock up on names like Rombauer, La Crema, Silverado, Calera, Kendall Jackson, Duckhorn and others. Our offer today represents a California Chardonnay we know will rank up there with our best selling white wines this Summer. 

Bottom line, from our point of view, you can't find better bang for your buck in California.  In addition, while we know this is the perfect Chardonnay for the summer, at this price by the case ... you may want to stock up for the fall and winter seasons as well.

It is flat out fantastic. 

Pip Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2013

90 Points - Wine Library
List price - $22
On Sale for $18.99
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Even in the best of vintages, and at the best of vineyards, some grapes are orphaned.  There are a number of reasons grapes are not brought into the cellar.  There was a bumper crop due to great growing season conditions. The winemaker wants to showcase a single vineyard block. A contract falls through.  Whatever the case, perfectly good grapes are orphaned.

In the worst of times, these grapes to go the compost pile.

In the best of times, they are rescued, blended with grapes from other premium sites in the region, and passed along to the consumer as a "second label." i.e. In the best of times, the consumer gets a great deal.


These orphaned grapes are where this story starts.

With ties to the famed Durell Vineyard, this Sonoma Chard offers more than you can imagine for the price!

We discovered Pip after tasting through hundreds of different Chardonnay options in the $20 and under price point.  After picking our favorites, we learned more about the story.  Pip ...is the second wine from the owners of the Durell Vineyard, found on the lower Sonoma Coast.  Yes ... that Durell.  The one that wineries like Kistler, Chateau St Jean and others have been making incredible wines from over the years.



Chris Towt and Ellie Price produce Dunstan from the Durell Vineyard.  They also stand behind Pip ... which represents a flat out amazing value in the $20 price point!

It's the exquisite combination of rich flavors and lively freshness on the palate that gives the source away. The wine is from the Shangri-la for Chardonnay: the Sonoma Coast. More specifically, the grapes are sourced from premium vineyards in Petaluma Gap. Named for the town of Petaluma, the gap refers to the hiatus of the mountain chains. The mountains drop down in this part of Sonoma, so the cooling influence of the Pacific and the sea breezes can move farther inland, influencing the climate and thereby the grapes.

That is precisely what makes the Chardonnays of the region so special. The mornings are foggy, but there is plenty of afternoon sunshine. The growing season is long, but it's cool. You can attain all that ripeness, that deliciously dripping California fruit AND keep the acidity that can carry these flavors, lift them and bring them along on a long, long finish.

Continuing the trend of seemingly paradoxical statements, this wine is full, but it's oh so fresh!


Paradoxes of climate make the wine, too, a paradox on the palate. We love paradoxes. You should, too! Especially in the summertime, when you want something flavorful and refreshing.
The winemaker, the vintage and why we know this wine will be a huge hit this summer

Gorgeous "orphaned" grapes from Petaluma Gap vineyards were brought to the crushpad of one Kenneth Juhasz. Juhasz, inspired by wine trips to Burgundy, has worked at some of the best wineries in the region, including Dunstan, Donum and Blue Farm. He has also started his own project, Auteur.

The recent California vintages have been nonstop impressive, 2013 included. The vintage as a whole received 93-point scores from both Wine Enthusiast and the Wine Advocate
for North Coast Chardonnay. Overall, the growing season was sunny, and  not exceptionally warm, with no hiccups during harvest. For Pip Chardonnay, all fruit is harvested by hand and under a cool blanket of morning fog.

Respecting the vintage's fruit and also wanting to maintain a Burgundian balance, Juhasz fermented a small percentage of the 2013 Pip in French oak barrels and employed lees stirring to add richness and depth.

For us, this was a no brainer buy in the $20 and under retail price point. Today's offer is a wine that will rank up there with the top names in $15 to $25 California Chardonnay. We know 2013 Pip Chardonnay will be fierce competition for Rombauer, La Crema, Silverado, Calera, Kendall Jackson and Duckhorn as a top-seller this summer. 

In the glass, this wine shows beautifully. Exotic aromas, floral and ripe, abound. On the palate, the wine is full and the finish is long and pleasantly lingering. The acidity levies that richness and ties it all together neatly and refreshingly.

Enjoy a glass of Pip Chardonnay with seafood and seasonal fare, watching the sunsent after a hot and humid summer day. From the exotic nose to the ripe fruit to the exceptionally long finish, the taste alone speaks volumes. This wine's balance of vibrant aromatics, rich fruit and bright acidity provide hints to the beginning of it all.


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