Like Santa Margherita? You will flat out love this. Our #1 Pinot Grigio pick for the summer

Posted May 21, 2016

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This summer ... there will be only one Pinot Grigio you will need.
On Thursday, May 26th, we will tell you what our #1 Pick is.
In fact, Santa Margherita drinkers may find a new favorite here
(and it's much, much less expensive!)
It's just about that time of year.  Where we turn our attention to finding some great white wine to buy by the case, stick in the fridge, and pop on those incredible summer evenings.  For many, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio are the three that are the "go to" selections.  This Thursday, we will release our pick for the top Pinot Grigio deal this summer.
By the pool
At the beach
On the porch
By the glass ... or lets face it .... bottles of this will vanish faster than you might expect on those warm summer nights.
Not only will we offer a special case price on this stunning offer, it was also ranked as one of the top selections for Pinot Grigio fans in restaurants around the country ... ranking even higher than Santa Margherita!

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