Kim Crawford, Santa Margherita and Merry Edwards fans will want to buy this

Posted September 05, 2015

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What's the wine???
Fans of wines like Kim Crawford, Santa Margherita and even Merry Edwards will want to circle Thursday, Sept 10th on their calendar.  At 10 AM, we will offer up a special deal on our first big offer for the fall.
As you might have guessed, the offer is on a white wine ... one of the most exciting white wine offers we have had this year for a variety of reasons.  Here are just a few of the reasons why.
1) - Our wine team spent countless hours tasting hundreds of wines ... to find this.  This is a wine that our team at Wine Library worked on for months.  We tasted through wine after wine, trying to find one bottle that really blew us away for what was in the bottle.  After a search that seemed to take forever ... we found it.
2) - Our target price point was something we could sell for $15 or less ... but it needed to taste like it should cost $30 or more.  That's a big point here.  We knew the wine needed to really blow people away.  Not just on the quality standpoint, but from a price perspective.  It needed to stand side by side with some of the other giants in the category.  This did exactly that.

3) - It's the ultimate wine to have on hand for the holiday season.  Parties, family gatherings, special events ... this is the bottle.  Without a doubt, this is the one wine that large groups will rave over.  It's a varietal that everyone knows, and, like we mentioned earlier about the price point, people will think you spent 2 times as much on the bottle.  It's that good!!

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