[Infographic] a Cheat Sheet for Understanding the Regions of Bordeaux

Posted June 11, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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There is no shortage of wine maps out there. It's actually become a bit of a cottage industry. Dense mozaics of alternately colored squiggly subregions annotated as St. This or Côte-de-that. They look fantastic in a frame next to your wine rack, and maybe if you have an advanced certification from Uncle Larry's Wine Education Emporium, you can even make heads or tails of them, but chances are, they're not... like... super helpful when it comes to picking out a bottle from the wine store. 

We're hoping to fix that. Below is a map of Bordeaux - arguably the most studied wine region in history - painted in broad strokes. The kind that should hopefully help you talk to the guy at the wine store in a way that will be both helpful and, most importantly, easy to remember!