If You Only Buy One White Wine This Year, Make It This One

Posted April 13, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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We’ve been hitting you with a lot of lists recently about which white wines to pick up now that the weather doesn’t suck. But even when we’ve narrowed it down to nine options, picking can be a daunting task.

So here you go, lazy bones. If you’re only looking to buy one white wine right now, this is the best one on the site. Easy. You’re welcome. Want to know why?

The Grape:

Ever had a Marsanne before? We didn't think so. While relatively common in white blends from the Rhône valley, Marsanne was, until recently, surprisingly uncommon as a varietal white wine here in the states. What happened? Chardonnay did. Well, kind of. Basically the wine drinkers of 15 years ago acquired a serious taste for massive, oakey, malolactic Chardonnays. They were the white wine to drink... until they weren't anymore. We all got over our love for oak, but we retained our love of weight. And Marsanne is a huge, heavy, palate-coating grape.

The People:

This wine is made by wine industry titans. We really can't stress that enough. Winemaker Aaron Pott and vineyard manager David Abreu have, between the two of them, worked on: Château Troplong-Mondot, Quixote Winery, Stagecoach Vineyard, Blankiet Estate, Staglin Family Vineyards, Colgin Cellars, Pahlmeyer Vineyard, Bryant Family Vineyard, Fisher Vineyards,  Araujo, Harlan Estate, and more...

... and you can get a bottle of their wine for $20. That's like getting Michael Jordan to play on your weekend pickup team. It's bonkers. It's effing bonkers.

The Wine:

Here is the thing about this wine: It’s got everything. We’ve talked about the huge body, but along with that you get beautiful, sharp, palate-cleansing acid that keeps the wine from being flabby. All of those structural elements hold up a floral bouquet so effusive, you’ll be able to pick it up from across the room. Finally, the apricot and nectarine notes are absolutely immaculate and segue into a lingering, clean, unexpectedly bright finish.

We just can’t say enough about this wine. The value is off the charts.

Do yourself a favor and snap up a case before it’s gone forever.

Product Label.

Bello Family Marsanne

90 Cellar Tracker

Item: 87446

750 mL

Retail: $40.00

$8.78 per btl