How to Drink Wine with Breakfast

Posted February 12, 2015

Geoff Gates


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Picture this: It’s Saturday morning at 8:45am. Your alarm goes off with that all too familiar Old Car Horn iPhone buzzer. You reach for it with your all to familiar snooze hand, but instead of grabbing another 9 minutes of blissful slumber, you rocket out of bed, teeth shining from ear to ear. Why are you such a happy camper on this particular morning? You’re meeting your friends for a boozy breakfast, and you couldn’t be more excited. What’s better is that after reading this, you’ll have an arsenal of wines at your fingertips for whatever breakfast occasion you find yourself in.

Jean Velut Blanc De Blancs Brut - Get ready to start drooling before your food even hits the table. Upon first taste you’ll be hit with flavors of orange, kiwi, peach, pear, and apple that will leave your fruit craving more than satisfied (but totally add a fruit bowl as a side). Feel the creamy, buttery richness coat your mouth in preparation for the meal that’s soon to come. To be transparent, I’d drink this bubbly with anything served to me at breakfast, but if you’re searching for the perfect pair, look no further than a heaping plate of Eggs Benedict. Leave the orange juice in the kitchen on this one, folks.

2008 Domaine Huet Le Haut Lieu Demi Sec Vouvray - This off-dry wine straddles the line between medium and heavy, and since it’s aged to perfection, it’s character shines through beautifully. When tasting, notes of honey are the first to be noticed followed by fresh honeysuckle and melon. A tad on the pricier side (but hey, drinking at breakfast is a rare occasion) this wine is well worth the investment. Ask the waiter/waitress to bring out a massive plate of blueberry pancakes, french toast, or savory crepes to pair alongside, Aunt Jemima would be proud.

Buller Fine Muscat - You’ve heard of breakfast for dinner I’m sure, but have you ever heard of breakfast for dessert? Or is it dessert for breakfast?... Either way, you might mistake this glass of wine for the syrup on your pancakes, but fear not! It’s crazy in flavor and high in alcohol, proving out what purpose it really serves. The amber color foreshadows its taste, smooth caramel and toffee. Order up a peach cobbler or strudel, and if you’re feeling extra rogue, order that cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle some vino over the top.

2012 Poggiobello Riesling - One of my favorite noses, a melody of fresh orchids, rose petals, and lilies. Flavors of ripe apricot and tangerine sorbet will seem to melt in your mouth. If you’re craving a spicy, Mexican style breakfast burrito, this wine is numero uno. Bring out the mariachi band for some south of the border cuisine, and be sure to add cheese, bacon, and home fries ... and don’t be stingy with the hot sauce.

2012 Byron Pinot Noir Santa Maria - That’s right, I’m hitting you with a red wine at breakfast. Remember those fruit leathers you used to eat as a kid? Take a big sniff of this wine, I mean stick your nose in to the point of almost touching, and try to tell me that doesn’t smell exactly the same. Heavy flavors of fig somehow manages to still feel light, making this a great morning wine. Drink with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and I promise you a wonderful morning.

You’re now armed with wines for every occasion, whether you’re at a dive or a classy establishment. Looking to continue this theme throughout the day? If so, take a power nap, rinse and repeat.


Geoff Gates gained his wine experience working the tasting tables at Blomidon Estate Winery, giving him enough clout to be the guy who orders the vino at every group outing. A New York native, he's recently moved to San Francisco to write more articles and, of course, drink more wine.

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