House Wine Alert: The $16.99, 91 Pt, Half Price Deal with Free Shipping by the case. Coming Thurs, Mar 26 at 12 Noon

Posted March 19, 2015

Wine Library


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On Thursday, March 26th at 12 Noon, we've got a HUGE deal coming.
91 Points
Was $40.00
Now $16.99
Oh yeah ... and by the way ... shipping is on us when you buy by the case.
On Thursday, March 26th at 12 noon, Wine Library will announce the name of a huge Red Wine discovery that earned huge press from one of the world's biggest wine publications ... at a price that is simply incredible.
The bottom line is simple.  Any red wine drinker that spends $16.99 on a bottle of wine will flat out, be blown away by what is in the bottle here.  And why not really?  Seeing how the suggested list price is north of $40 and you can buy the same bottle for half price ... it's easy to see why it drinks like a wine that should cost twice the price.
Because is should.
But it doesn't.

Here are the 3 big points every wine lover should know about this special offer:

It's got BIG Press:  That's right.  If you read Robert Parker's the Wine Advocate, you will be thrilled to learn that this special offer received an incredible 91 Point score.  On top of that, it is one of the most exciting new projects we have tasted in years!

It's available at a huge discount:  The suggested list price here was  $40.00.  Our price for 24 hours only ... just $16.99 per bottle on sale!!

We're adding in free shipping:  All orders for 12 or more bottles of this incredible red will also earn free shipping while supply lasts!  Please note, like the discounted price above, this offer will be valid for one day only.

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