Half Price and from the 97 Point, 2012 Vintage. The 94 Point, Wine Spectator rated Pinot Noir. Was $50, Now $24.99 with free shipping on case orders

Posted October 06, 2016

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Perhaps our biggest Pinot Noir offer in 5+ years.
A massive 94 Point score from the Wine Spectator
List price $50
Our price, when ordering 12+ bottles - $24.99 per bottle
In addition ... shipping is free on 12+ bottles!


Not only that, this is from a 97 Point Vintage overall (one of the best vintages ever in Oregon)  This is, without question, an amazing Pinot Noir deal. The estate is one with which you may be familiar and one we have looked to for consistent quality. When Mother Nature handed their wine team an amazing vintage, they gave us an amazing wine.
If you have enjoyed other vintages of this wine ... just wait until you try this.  It's the best vintage we have tasted so far.  Period.

Cornerstone Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2012
94 Points Wine Spectator
Regular Price $50.00
Our Sale Price $29.99
Today's Special Case Price $24.99 with code CCPN12, plus free shipping on 12 bottles or more!

(Please note, stock of today's offer arrives later today or tomorrow AM!  We will contact you when it arrives!)

You don't get the stars to align like they do for this deal. Consider, when was the last time you got all green lights on the way to work when you're running late? Almost never.

Fortunately, Mother Nature smiled on Willamette Valley in 2012. The top-notch winemakers at Cornerstone brought in superb grapes, nurtured the wines in the cellar, and bottled today's 94-pointer. Today, we've marked it down 50%. This is so much better than getting all green lights on your morning commute. Here's why:

1. It's a 94 Point, Wine Spectator rated Pinot Noir: A Total No-Brainer for Pinot Noir Lovers

Any wine drinker looking to have their mind blown - get a sense of the greatness emanating from Oregon.

Pinot Noir has made itself quite at home in Oregon's Willamette Valley. In an amazing vintage like 2012 (more on that later), Pinot Noir truly shines. When Mother Nature hands great winemakers an "ideal" growing season, there's an amazing opportunity to make great wines. Wines like this one, wines that fulfill the four V's of winemaking: vine, vineyard, vintage and vintner. In other words, the right grape growing in the right place at the right time and taken care of by the right person.

In such a case, you get amazing wines - and the scores reflect that.

Thirty-two Willamette Valley 2012 Pinot Noirs scored 94 points from Wine Spectator. The list includes names like Domaine Serene, Raptor Ridge and Ken Wright, all alongside today's estate: Cornerstone.

The 94 point review for Cornerstone's 2012 Pinot Noir from Wine Spectator gives an inkling of just how beautiful this wine is: "Supple, ripe and expressive, unfurling ripe blueberry, plum and spice flavors on a bed of velvety tannins. Finishes with persistence and elegance. Drink now through 2022."

What does our Wine Team think? This is a rock solid bottle of wine. Without question.  In fact, of all the vintages of Cornerstone that we have tasted thus far ... this is far and away the best one ... and will also be the fastest to sell out.

2. Stock up. Save big. Take 50% off the suggested retail price plus earn free shipping

The 2012 Cornerstone Pinot Noir was released at a price of $50/bottle. Today, it's 50% off on case orders. Yes, just $24.99/bottle for a 94-point Willamette Valley Pinot Noir you can enjoy now or five years down the line. This is a bottle you can share with the entire family at Sunday dinner, bring out on a Saturday night, or present as a host/hostess gift. You'll fool everyone - and your budget will be happier for it.

For less than what you spent on your last pair of boots. At just $24.99/bottle by the case, this is a seriously good value.
You can't get decent boots for less than $30 a pair. You can get a 94-point Pinot Noir. Don't worry about going out in the cold and the snow - stock up with today's case sale and take advantage of the free shipping!

3. It's from the blockbuster 97-point, 2012 vintage in Pinot Noir's New World Home

Pinot Noir is a finicky grape and it SHINES in the right year in the right place. 2012 Willamette Valley might just be paradise for hard-to-please Pinot Noir.

Describing the vintage overall, Wine Spectator writes of the 97-point season, "Ideal conditions produced generous wines; not over the top."Wow, ideal! In Willamette?! Willamette is relatively cool and wet. It is great for Pinot Noir, and it's not often you see words like "Ideal" in vintage reports for such spots.

This type of vintage doesn't happen every year. This kind of sale won't come around again soon and it won't last long, so act quickly.

Enjoy this wine with ham, salmon or mushrooms. Serve it soon. Serve it at Easter. Serve it later. Lay it down for a few years and see how gorgeously it evolves. Lovers of Pinot Noir - both New World and Old - will flip for this wine.


Click here to order the Cornerstone Pinot Noir 2012! Don't forget to use code CCPN12 to earn the special $24.99 price plus free shipping by the case.

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