Gary Vaynerchuk is Working the Floor at Wine Library this Saturday

Posted December 09, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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You've watched Gary Vaynerchuk taste wines before. You've even seen him on national television. But only the old-school fans of Wine Library have seen Gary do what he does best: Sell wine.

Well, now is your chance to see what he was like back in the late 90's. For one day only, Gary is coming back to work the retail floor at wine library.

If you're a Vayniac this is a can't-miss event. Get personalized recommendations, talk about what Gary's drinking these days, or get help choosing a bottle for that one hard-to-please client. Whatever you need, Gary is your guy, and this time around, he's doing it all in the flesh!

Gary will be at the store from 11am until 6pm (with a quick break at noon to do an AMA on, so come by and say hi! Gary can't wait to meet you.

Click here to RSVP. See you Saturday!