Buy Six and Save: 2010 Brunello Six Pack Deal with Free Shipping

Posted April 28, 2016

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From the 98 Point Vintage: The $65 Brunello for $39.99 when you buy 6 or more plus free shipping


Brunello buyers ... have we got a deal for you!

Not only is this wine from one of the greatest all time vintages in Montalcino, it's from a producer that is very difficult to find and has a spot in the region that sits next to two of the most famous names in the country.
On top of that, we are offering a special 6 pack price that brings this wine to you at the lowest price anywhere in the country ... plus ... the shipping is free!

Mate 2010 Brunello di Montalcino
94 Points - James Suckling
List price $65
Sale price - $49.99
Today get this for $39.99 per bottle when you buy 6 or more with the code MATE2010
plus free shipping!
Please note, this wine arrives tomorrow, Friday, April 29, 2016.


It's one of the best vintages of all time
The Wine Spectator scored this entire vintage 98 Points as a whole in Montalcino

Find yourself asking, just how good is this vintage?  The answer is quite simply ... it's one of the best vintages in Montalcino history.  The Wine Spectator did not yet rate this specific wine, however, they gave the vintage as a whole 98 Points which ranks it right up there with the monumental 2001 and 1997 vintages. 
The wrote "Perfect late summer weather resulted in ideal ripening for Sangiovese; wines are fresh, elegant, balanced and structured, with ample ripe fruit flavors. The best should age beautifully"
The time is now for so many of these outstanding 2010's.  With the 2011's starting to show up on store shelves, the top wines from the 2010 vintage are becoming harder and harder to find.  Especially those wines that are made in smaller quantities ... like this one.

The 94 Point score here is only part of the story
The ex-Wine Spectator Senior Editor and European Bureau Chief James Suckling has raved for years.
It all started in many years ago when James Suckling, then writing for the Wine Spectator, issued a 90 Point score to the 2001 Mate Brunello in the July 31st, 2006 edition of the Wine Spectator.  Since then, he has issued eight 90 Point scores in total for this wine over the years, starting with the Spectator, and then on his own site

Suckling wrote on the 2010 release - "A red that delivers so much rose bush, dried meat, strawberry and sea salt character. It's full body, with firm and silky tannins and a long and intense finish. High toned Brunello. Better in 2017."

Consistency is key with so many producers and in this case, this winery clearly has it.
Knock knock.  Who's there?  Gaja and Soldera
This winery is situated next to some pretty famous neighbors

For many of you, Mate might be a new producer.  There is a ton to discover here.

As the website notes "Ferenc Máté and his wife Candace, a painter, left New York City in 1990 for the Tuscan countryside. In one of the world’s most prestigious wine zones, the seaward slopes of Montalcino, they bought an ancient, abandoned farm with two hills, a canyon with waterfalls and a 13th century friary with a tower and courtyard. Their neighbors were world-renowned wine makers Angelo Gaja and Gianfranco Soldera. Being perfectionists, the Mátés performed a “museum quality” restoration of the friary, then hired Gaja’s agronomist and France’s Pierre Guillaume to select the best varietals and clones in planting their four vineyards of wonderfully varied exposition, elevation and soil composition."

Ultra rare, this Brunello is made in very small quantities
You won't find this bottle in many shops.  Brunello buyers will flat out love this
Production here is always limited. Only a handful of cases of this were produced, making it one of the more difficult bottles of Brunello to find.  Take that into consideration along with the rock star vintage, and you've got a really special offer in front of you.
While many of you will not be able to resist the immediate charm that this bottle delivers, collectors looking to add a case or two of high end Brunello to their collection should 100% add this right away.  Not only is it something that we don't see on the market often (only a handfull of shops show up on Wine Searcher at the moment), it's a wine that we know will open the eyes of so many Brunello buyers.
It will be a discovery of sorts for so many of you.  And a big one at that!
Buy a 6 pack and buy this for the lowest price in the country
Plus, shipping is free as well!
As we mentioned above, we are offering this wine that features a list price of $65 ... for just $39.99 per bottle today when you buy 6 or more bottles.  On top of all of that, shipping is free!  All in all, it is a spectacular bottle for Brunello buyers and for those of you looking to discover something new ... from a producer that is really turning heads.
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Mate Brunello Di Montalcino

94 James Suckling - Jamessuck...

Item: 94767

750 mL

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$49.99 per btl