From Sea to Shining Sea

Posted June 19, 2016

Stacy Brody


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Our top picks for July 4th barbecues,
celebrating wines from across the United States


We'll start east coast and work our way west, with a few pit stops in between.

2014 Brooklyn Chardonnay: Finger Lakes grapes made into wine in Brooklyn

Refreshing, unoaked Chardonnay. A surprising style to many, and highly sought after by those who have already discovered it. A delicious aperitif while the grill is warming up and a great wine to enjoy while relaxing during the fireworks show

Moving west to Michigan, 2013 Left Foot Charley Blaufrankisch a medium-bodied red with spicy black pepper notes and silky tannins. Meets those smoky flavors head-on.

Goin' south to Texas. How could they make wines that don't pair with barbecue? Back to the basic of pairing wine and food - the wine of a place typically complements the cuisine. The 2015 Yellow City Cellars Dead Flowers Rose is a gutsy pink wine, full-throttle and rarin to pair with anything off the grill. The winemaker writes, "Don't be silly, of course you shoud drink this with texas BBQ!"

Staying south but moving west, we make it to Caduceus Cellars, started by Maynard James Keenan of Tool. You really can't argue with tasting notes like those for the 2013 Caduceus Merkin Tarzan Red,

"Violets spring from fallen tree trunks deep in the shady forest. Meat on the charcoal grill ... don't forget the salt and pepper. Campfire smoke wafts over the playground metal cooling after a day in the sun. The first sip grips your palate back to attention, anticipating the comfort of food." - Winery

Hopefully you have an efficient grillmaster who delivers the comfort of food in a timely manner.

From New Mexico, continuing west and up the west coast.

Of course we need an iconic Cali Cab like 2013 Buehler Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. There aren't too many delicious Napa Cabs at barbecue-case-buy price points. One of those select few, this wine comes from a family producer we always look to for high quality and reasonably prices.

Moving north, we get to Pinot Noir country. The 2014 Pull Eighty Pinot Noir is quickly becoming a perennial favorite here at the Wine Library. This one's for your lighter fare, your grilled chicken, fish and pork dishes.

We'll finish off in Washington with another Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2013 Kiona Cabernet Sauvignon is precisely one of those wines that proves the strength of the region. A different style from your Cali Cab and just as delicious.

That's what it's all about - exploring the wines from United States terroir and just maybe finding fantastic wines from your own backyard.

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